Quiz: Can You Name These Cities From an Image?
Can You Name These Cities From an Image?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: fanjianhua/Moment/gettyimages

About This Quiz

If you've ever seen any movie set in Paris, one thing you know is that you can see the Eiffel Tower from literally every window in the city. (Pro tip for travelers: you cannot, in fact, see the Eiffel Tower from every window in Paris.) Similarly, you know that if you go to New York, firstly, you will go to Manhattan, because this is the only part of New York that exists, and secondly, your route into Manhattan will grant you an unimpeded view of the Empire State Building.

Of course, the movie-makers know that you can't actually always see the Eiffel Tower and that the Empire State Building is in a part of midtown which is unbelievably crowded and full of lunatics, such that local New Yorkers won't enter the area unless a) someone is paying them to go to an office there, or b) they have no choice. The buildings are merely signifiers, a way of saying to the audience, "Here lies Paris" and "This is the Big Apple!" They're a kind of shorthand, and anyone with baseline movie literacy will surely recognize them.

Indeed, many cities have such landmarks, and you don't have to have seen all the movies or gone to all of these cities to recognize them. You just need to be culturally well-informed, curious and delighted by beautiful and impressive things. Let's see if you can name these cities!

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In which Scottish city would you find this famous castle on a volcanic rock formation?
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Do you recognize the city in Ethiopia that is home to this cathedral?
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What Persian capital contains this amazing monument that also contains a museum?
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In which American city, at one time the country's capital, would you find a famous bell?
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Which Middle Eastern city contains this prayer wall?
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On the outskirts of which Egyptian city would you find these great big structures?
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In which Australian city would you find this famous opera house?
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Which northwestern U.S. city contains this impressive spire, known as the Space Needle?
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What city in Tibet is home to this absolutely enormous palace?
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In which West Coast U.S. city would you find a very large bridge?
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In which German city would you find remnants of a certain controversial wall?
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In which French city would you find the Church of Our Lady?
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In which British city would you find this 1,000-year-old palace/prison?
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In which Russian city might you spot these beautiful onion domes?
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This impressive skyscraper is found in which Arab city?
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In which Spanish city might you see this amazing cathedral?
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In which Greek city might you see this temple with perfect proportions?
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Which Malaysian city contains these impressive towers?
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Which Asian city is home to this fabulous skypark?
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Which Japanese city contains this very important peace memorial?
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What Indian city can you recognize from this landmark tomb?
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Which Italian city boasts this famous dome?
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Which South American city is recognizable by this impressively shaped mountain?
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What is this entire city on an island called?
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In which city do cars race in a Grand Prix, on the public streets and through this tunnel?
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Which city is home to charming water buses and gondolas?
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Which city is home to a tomb guarded by these terracotta fellows?
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What city do you recognize from this pagoda-like skyscraper?
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Where is this enormous building that was a church, then a mosque, and is now a museum?
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In which city would you find this enormous mosque?
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What is this major commercial hub that is China's second-largest city?
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Which city is home to this marvelous clay mosque?
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Can you recognize the city that is home to these splendid disused towers?
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Which Moroccan city contains this tall mosque?
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Which city on the east coast of Africa do you recognize from this memorial garden?
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In which Italian capital would you find this famous gladiatorial arena?
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Do you recognize this South American city, capital of a mountainous country with a disproportionately long coast?
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Do you know this capital city in the United Kingdom, whose castle was first established around 50 A.D.?
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In which Arab capital city would you find these famous gold-and-white sandstone buildings?
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