Quiz: Can You Name These Countries From 3 Clues?
Can You Name These Countries From 3 Clues?
By: Annette
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Pizza, Pisa, and Lamborghinis: Go! In this quiz, we're going to name three things, and you tell us which country they're associated with. It's not as easy as you think. Warning: You better know your national dishes.

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Hamburgers, jazz, and just general awesomeness
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Poutine, 10 provinces, and hockey
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Pie floaters, the Outback, and Sydney
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The Queen, Yorkshire pudding, and umbrellas
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Sombreros, Dia de los Muertos, and mole sauce
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Futbol, Rio de Janeiro, and feijoada
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Anime, Katsudon, and bullet trains
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Classic music, Vienna, and Wiener schnitzel
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Oslo, fjords, and rakfish
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Cardiff, princes, and Clark's pies
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Abu Dhabi, shawarma, and the Persian Gulf
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Jamón Ibérico, bull fighting, and flamenco
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Cape Town, Kruger National Park, and biltong
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Tartans, highlanders, and smoked salmon on brown bread
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Seoul, Banchan, and won
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The Red Sea, Mecca, and kabsah
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Borscht, Putin, and the Red Square
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Renminbi, Beijing, and Xiaolongbao
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Pizza, the Renaissance, and the Arno
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Hinduism, British colonialism, and tandoori chicken
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Windmills, tulips, and soused herring
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The Nile, King Tut, and molokhia
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Zagreb, Paški sir cheese, and the Adriatic
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Beer, Moules-Frites, and Antwerp
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Casa Rosada, Buenos Aires, and asado
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Khachapuri, Tbilisi, and Gergeti Trinity Church
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Volcanic islands, Jakarta, and Martabak Manis
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Kuala Lampur, Borneo, and nasi lemak
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Lisbon, beaches, and francesinha
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Bratislava, the Danube River, and potato dumplings
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Varenyky, Orthodox churches, and Kiev
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Ljubljana, Lake Bled, and Kranjska klobasa
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Caracas, Sierra Nevada National Park, and pabellon criollo
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Napoleon, pot-au-feu, and Normandy
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Ackee and saltfish, Bob Marley, and Kingston
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