Quiz: Can You Name These Famous Athletes Who Are Also Actors?
Can You Name These Famous Athletes Who Are Also Actors?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: 1996 – Warner Bros. Feature Animation

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Home of many talented actors and actresses who ply their trade, day in and day out to bring us the entertainment we crave on the silver screen and into our homes through television. 

Did you know, however, that many sports stars, both past and present, went into acting once their careers in their preferred sport were over? 

Some even began acting while they were still professional athletes. 

Now, when we say acting, there are often two strings to their bow. First, they appear as themselves in a movie or TV series and second, they get a bona fide acting gig, one where they actually have to play a character. 

And they certainly are a talented bunch. 

One former college football star, whose career ended prematurely, was even nominated for an Oscar.

But would you be able to identify these athletes-turned-actors by just seeing a single image? 

Sure, some are instantly recognizable, especially modern athletes, but you will have to put your brain into overdrive to identify those from Hollywood's glory days in the 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. 

But you got this! We have faith in you. Just take your time and go for gold... and an Oscar for that matter! 

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