Quiz: Can You Name These Famous Authors From a Single Sentence?
Can You Name These Famous Authors From a Single Sentence?
By: R. White
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About This Quiz

Calling all bibliophiles! It’s time to show off your literary prowess! If you have ever been called a bookworm or seem fit to be a librarian, then this quiz is for you. Authors spanning the ages will cross paths with you and reminders of their famous titles will be recollected here. Ever wonder which novel put Stephen King on the map? Can you identify the real name of Samuel Clemens? Of what genre was H. P. Lovecraft’s writing?

Writers have their secrets and sometimes they are revealed through poems, short stories, plays, or novels. Autobiographical details of an author’s life creep into works such as Melville’s Moby Dick and Twain’s stories of the mighty Mississippi. These questions will summon common associations you have with famous writers or push the trivia button just a little bit harder. Stretch your skills on a timeline going back to medieval literature’s Beowulf through today’s contemporary works like The Color Purple and The Hunger Games.

Don’t let that high school English literature class go to waste. Be the first in the class when you can identify F. Scott Fitzgerald’s most famous work about an unknown tycoon or can pinpoint the culprit in a “Who Dunnit”-style mystery. You won’t have to sell your soul to the devil like Oscar Wilde’s Dorian Gray to master this quiz!

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