Quiz: Can You Name These Famous Battleships From Just One Image?
Can You Name These Famous Battleships From Just One Image?
By: Craig

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The sea has been a pathway for many vessels to perform varying actions like transportation of goods, searching for food and even fighting wars. Human history has seen the development of millions of ships being built; in some cases, these ships were built for civilian purposes and act as cruise liners and carrier vessels. In other circumstances, these vessels were built for military purposes, like battleships. These battleships aided various countries in protecting their borders and even conquering new ones. Any nation looking to have dominance of the sea had to be equipped with a fleet of battleships.

These armored ships have developed from being wooden vessels to ironclad armor-plated machines, ready to defend against high explosive shells. These ships have aided in the surrender of empires, as is the case of the USS Missouri, or Might Mo battleship. This ship fostered the surrender of Japan’s empire and ended World War II. Another notable battleship was the Santa Maria which aided Columbus in acquiring many lands. Battleships were built to dominate naval waterways and none did so more remarkably than the German battleship, The Bismarck. This infamous battleship struck fear in the hearts of its enemies and stood at 823 feet with a top speed of 30 knots.

While it's fun to talk about battleships, they mean nothing if you don't know what the vessel looks like. So, can you match the pictures of these battleships to their names? Take this quiz to find out. 

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