Can You Name These Fried Foods From Around the World?

Kennita Leon

They come glazed, stuffed and sugared. What is this fried food's name?

This is a deep fried, ring-shaped dessert. Based on the type of donut, it is topped and flavored with chocolate, vanilla or sugar.

Usually eaten as a side dish or appetizer, what would you say this fried vegetable is?

When ordering a meal, onion rings are usually a side item or appetizer. Rings of onion are deep fried after being dunked into batter.

What do you think this fried food is called?

A corn dog is a hot dog on a stick, which is then dipped in a cornmeal batter and deep fried. This fast food is most often sold on the street and at carnivals.

What's the more common name of this food, also known as frying saucers?

Elephant ears area also known as frying saucers - both names referring to this pastry's large size. This North American fried food is normally sold at carnivals and outdoor activities.

This dish is basically fried strips of potato. What is its formal name?

Also known as simply fries or chips, french fries are strips of fried potatoes served with ketchup, mayonnaise or other sauces. French fries aren't actually French.

Do you remember what this delicacy is called?

Crab rangoon can be found on the menu at American-Chinese restaurants. They are also known as cheese wontons, crab puffs or crab rangoon puffs.

A type of Spanish pastry, what do you think the name of this dish is?

Churros are fried pastries which originated in Portugal and Spain. As a breakfast dish, churros are usually dunked in chocolate or champurrado.

Can you identify this fried entree?

This Southern American dish does not contain any chicken. It consists of a slice of beef steak covered in seasoned flour, which is then fried in a pan and served with gravy.

The best ones are supposedly made in New Orleans. What are they called?

Fried dough dates as far back as Ancient Rome. Beignets are quite popular in New Orleans and are best served hot.

What do you think this is called?

Falafel is believed to have been originated in Egypt and consists of fava beans, ground chickpeas or a combination of the two. These deep-fried balls are usually laid over vegetables, salads or hot sauce.

What is the name of these Chinese dumplings?

This Chinese dumpling dish is made from dough filled with shrimp, pork, spices and more. Wontons vary, based on the various regions in China.

A popular carnival food, what is this fried favorite called?

Funnel cake was developed in Pennsylvania, in the U.S., and variations have spread worldwide. In North America, funnel cakes are served at fairs, carnivals and other activities.

What name was this food given?

Also called chicken tenders, strips or fillets, chicken fingers are made from pieces of chicken meat, typically the breast. A number of restaurants claim to have "invented" chicken fingers.

A savory fried food, what is this cornmeal-based dish called?

This savory dish consists of deep-fried balls of cornmeal-based batter. There are variations of hush puppies, such as in Jamaica, where they are called "festival," and Puerto Rico, where they are known as "sorullitos."

Can you identify the fried delicacy shown in the picture?

Fried ice cream is made from vanilla ice cream, crushed cornflakes cereal, ground cinnamon or other spices and egg whites. This dessert is quickly deep fried, which creates a firm shell around the ice cream before it melts.

Native Americans have been making this for years! What is it?

In North American cuisine, as the name suggests, corn fritters are made of corn. They were created by Native Americans who have been skilled in using ground corn for thousands of years.

What's the name of this Asian favorite, stuffed with vegetables, meat or both?

Spring rolls can be found in restaurants across the eastern, southern and southeastern parts of Asia. They are a variety of rolled appetizers, stuffed with vegetables and meat fillings.

What is the correct name of the item in the picture?

This Mexican dish translates to "small taco." It is a tiny rolled-up tortilla with cheese, chicken or beef fillings, often served with guacamole or sour cream.

Here's a food that can be dipped in other foods. What are these called?

Tortilla chips are corn tortillas which have been cut into wedges and fried; however, they can also be baked. In Mexico, they are called "totopo."

What name does this dish, kind of like a fried taco, go by?

Chimichangas originated in the American Southwest. Prior to being deep-fried, a tortilla is normally stuffed with beans, rice, meat and cheese, then folded into a rectangular package.

Do you think you can name this food?

Mozzarella sticks are long pieces of mozzarella cheese, battered or breaded, then fried in oil. This dish dates back to Medieval France and perhaps even earlier.

What stuffed and fried food is shown here?

Jalapeno poppers are hollowed out jalapeno peppers which are then filled, perhaps with a mix of spices and ground meat or cheese, and then deep-fried. They are also referred to as jalapeno bites.

What's the name of this fried treat?

Fry bread is South Dakota's state bread. It is a fried flat dough bread, often topped with honey, powdered sugar, jam or even beef.

Cylindrical fried potatoes make up this dish. But what is its name?

Tater tots were created in Ontario, Oregon, U.S., in 1953. This side dish consists of grated potatoes, formed into cylinders and deep-fried.

Can you name this Japanese favorite?

Tempura is an important part of Japanese cuisine. It is typically made with vegetables or seafood, coated with batter and then fried.

A delicacy in the South in the U.S., what is this fried entree?

The American South is known for its farm-raised catfish, and thus, this dish is quite popular in that part of the country. Traditionally, catfish is fried in a cornmeal coating, but there are a variety of recipes.

Can you match the food in the picture to its name?

Banana chips are made by frying slices of bananas. These can either be sugar-coated, salted, spiced, or even mixed with banana flavoring.

Also known as cachanga, what is this Spanish fried food?

A sopapilla is a crispy fried pastry puff. It is also called sopaipa or cachanga and is of Spanish origin.

Can you tell us what this food is called?

Pholourie is commonly served in the Caribbean. This snack dish is made of spiced dough with split peas, formed into balls which are fried. Pholourie is best served with chutney.

This dish consists of french fries covered in many other ingredients. What is its name?

Poutine is simply french fries, covered with cheese curds and gravy. Created in the 1950s in Quebec, Canada, poutine has become popular in Japan, across the Northeastern United States and in Central Canada.

Which fried favorite do you see here?

Egg rolls are served primarily in American-Chinese restaurants. These large fried cylindrical rolls are savory, filled with chopped pork, shredded cabbage and other stuffing.

This dish started in the sixties in the American South. What is it?

Deep-fried pickles originated in the South in the United States in the early 1960s. This treat is produced by frying sliced, battered pickles. It's typically served with a creamy sauce or ranch dressing.

A stuffed, fried food, which of the options best matches this dish?

Samosas are a popular fried snack or appetizer made with savory fillings, including peas, lentils, onions and spiced potatoes. They may vary in size and shape from cones to triangles to half-moons.

Can you identify the fried food shown in this picture?

Fried pizza is a well-known dish in Italy and Scotland. In Scotland, deep-fried pizza with chips is known as a pizza supper.

Its name translates to "little orange." What is that name?

Arancini resembles a small orange after it's fried, which gives rise to the translation of its name, "little orange." This dish is made from risotto balls which are stuffed with various fillings, then dredged in bread crumbs and fried.

Can you name this fried food?

In 2006, fried Coke was presented at the State Fair of Texas. It is a Coca-Cola flavored batter which is deep-fried, then drizzled with Coke syrup. This is then garnished with whipped cream, cinnamon sugar and other toppings.

Also known as Japanese fried chicken, what's the unusual name of this food?

Karaage is a Japanese dish which consists of marinated chicken coated in potato starch and fried in oil. It is often referred to as Japanese fried chicken.

Usually oval or cylindrical, which delicacy do you see here?

Croquettes are small food rolls, covered in breadcrumbs and fried. Ingredients may include vegetables, ground meat or fish. They can be oval, cylindrical or disk-shaped, and they may be served as fast food or a delicacy.

Which fried delicacy is this?

Plantain chips are made by frying sliced plantain in olive or coconut oil and then seasoning with salt. This dish is usually served with tropically inspired salsa.

Also known as toadstools, what do you think this fried food is?

In countries such as the United States, this fried dish is served as a snack or an appetizer. Whole button mushrooms are battered and deep fried.

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