Quiz: Can You Name These Game Shows From Just One Photo?
Can You Name These Game Shows From Just One Photo?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Entertainment Studios/FremantleMedia North America/Zoo Productions/Hazy Mills Productions

About This Quiz

Game shows have become so popular over the years that there are entire channels dedicated to them. The very first TV game show was "Spelling Bee," airing just about eighty years ago. Since then, these shows have been on both the radio and the television, and their prizes keep getting more impressive as time passes by. 

We're not sure whether it's the energy of the contestants and the audience or the chance of actually winning something, but these TV programs are entertainment that we cannot live without. So, of course, we want to know how much you know about the topic. We want to see if you can identify these game shows from just one image. 

Now, some of these aren't technically game shows, but they come pretty close, in our opinion. Sure you can identify "Jeopardy," because Alex Trebec is pretty much a TV staple, and "Wheel of Fortune" because what other game has such an impressive wheel? But do the games "The Gong Show," "Idiotest," "The Wall" and "Pay It Off" sound familiar to you? 

If you think you know enough about these shows to not only ace this quiz, but also win them if you were a contestant, go ahead and get started on this quiz!

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