Quiz: Can You Name These Historical Ladies?
Can You Name These Historical Ladies?
By: Bri O.
Image: YouTube

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Throughout history, women have had to face an uphill battle, not for greatness, but for equality. It wasn't until August 26, 1920, that women across the United States obtained the right to vote with the 19th Amendment. This came after a nearly 80-year struggle to obtain that right. Even before this, many women had taken on the world with a grit and determination that set them apart from everyone else - including male counterparts.

How many of these historical women do you think you can name from an image? Do you know their historical achievements? You've likely heard of Amelia Earhart, but could you figure out who she is from an image? How about Bessie Coleman? Do you know which one took to the skies first? Delores Huerta fought for farmer's rights; Susan B. Anthony fought against slavery and for women's rights; Coretta Scott King fought for Civil Rights ;and Ruth Bader Ginsburg fights for everyone's rights. Other women are inventors, entrepreneurs, founders, and thinkers.

From world leaders, activists, adventurers, and humanitarians, these women have accomplished amazing things. They have started businesses, revolutionized industry, saved lives, and made us see the world differently - but how well can you identify them from an image? Let's find out!

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