Quiz: Can You Name These Iconic Female Country Singers?
Can You Name These Iconic Female Country Singers?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Youtube via Kelly Clarkson

About This Quiz

Country music has been around for almost a century now. It originated in the south of the United States in the early '20s and is now more popular than ever, despite the other genres of music available. Country has its roots in blues and folk music, and it's known for its harmonies and the use of lots of string instruments like the guitar. Also known as country and western, or simply western, the genre was the most listened to during rush hour just a few short years ago. What was once sung predominantly by men has been invaded by the women, and they've made the music that much more amazing. 

But do you know the women who have made and continue to make this genre great? Would you be able to identify Dolly Parton, Laura Lynch, Kitty Wells and Shania Twain if we showed you pictures? Would you be able to correctly match the picture to the country singer's name? The only way to find out is to take this musical quiz.

Are you ready to show us that you know who these talented women are? Or should you just stick to pop music? Let's go ahead and find out! 

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