Quiz: Can you name these popular '80s sitcoms?
Can you name these popular '80s sitcoms?
By: Becky
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Feeling a bit nostalgic for classic '80s sitcoms? So are we. Get ready for a blast from the past - test your memory to see if you can remember all these great shows!

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This warm and fuzzy '80s sitcom featured a wisecracking alien that looked a bit like an anteater.
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Hannibal led a team of crack ex-military operatives in this popular '80s show.
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What 1980s sitcom made Michael J. Fox a household name?
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KITT the talking car was the sidekick on which popular '80s sitcom?
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Character Sam Malone was the bartender in this show that fostered several spin-offs.
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This coming-of-age sitcom featured Kevin Arnold.
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'80s sitcoms weren't necessarily for kids. What was the sitcom that featured four retired female roommates?
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What popular '80s sitcom, set in Florida, was made into a movie in 2006?
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This military sitcom ended its run in 1983, but remains one of the most popular shows of all time.
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Laverne DeFazio and Shirley Feeney were roomates in this popular show.
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Tom Hanks became a household name by dressing up as a woman in this sitcom.
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This sitcom, based in Cincinnati Ohio, focused on a radio station crew.
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What 1980s show featured Alan Thicke as dad, Dr. Jason Seaver?
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What sitcom was rebooted on Netflix in 2016?
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What show focuses on the lives and loves of New York City cabbies?
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Ricky Schroder got his start as a tyke in this 1980s sitcom.
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The actors in what show were "movin' on up"?
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Soleil Moon Frye played the title character in this '80s show.
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Nell Carter played a character named "Nell" in what popular sitcom?
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Jaleel White got his start on what family show?
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What '80s sitcom was set in the offices of Sugarbaker and Associates?
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Bo and Luke Duke were good old boys in what 1980s show?
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What self-titled sitcom starred Robert Guillaume?
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One of the most-loved shows of all time, this sitcom followed the lives of Richie, Potsie, Ralph and Fonzie.
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What legal sitcom featured Judge Harry T. Stone?
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This 1980s show featured Dick and Joanna Loudon as owners of a small-town inn.
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Comedian Paul Reiser and heartthrob Greg Evigan starred in what sitcom about two men raising one daughter?
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Vicki Lawrence wore support hose in what spinoff of "The Carol Burnett Show"?
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Larry Appleton and Balki Bartokomous were roommates in what "Odd Couple"-type sitcom?
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What 1980s sitcom starred Saturday Night alum, Jane Curtin?
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The Huxtables were at the center of which '80s comedy?
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This live-action sitcom ran for a decade and featured the wisecracking quips of Al Bundy.
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Three is not a crowd in what 1980s sitcom?
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Bruce Willis got his start on what '80s show about private detectives?
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Exceptionally gifted students were the focus of what teen-driven sitcom?
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