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Just like we need officers today to uphold the law, there was a need for lawmen in the Wild, Wild West. Because as fun as it was to watch the outlaws make a mess, someone had to clean it up for another outlaw to entertain us again. And every now and then, one of these upholders of the law did manage to sneak their way into our hearts, so it's time we honor them with a quiz. Do you think you've got what it takes to identify these real and made-up lawmen from a picture?

Now, some of these men have teetered back and forth between the good and the bad, so don't try to kill us if you remember them as a villain and not a good guy. All we really need is for you to identify them as the good guys they were at one time or another during their lives, on our screens or off it. 

If you think you know enough about the Wild West to tell us all about the men who protected it, come identify them in this quiz. Will you get your own sheriff's star when you're done, or will you get your very own wanted poster?  

Wyatt Earp was a skilled gunfighter and Western lawman during the 1880s. He served in many respects as a deputy sheriff, gambler and buffalo hunter and is well known for his role in the gunfight at the O.K. Corral.

Texas Ranger John Hughes was a lawman in the late 1880s who actively sought to bring criminals such as murderers and thieves to justice. He is a recipient of the Certificate of Valor and was the captain in command of Company D in the new Ranger Force.

Cordell is a former Marine turned Texas Ranger from the television series, Walker Texas Ranger. He is the star of the show and is portrayed by Chuck Norris, as a skilled fighter and lawman.

Heck Thomas was an American frontier lawman and a police chief in Lawson. He was also a member of Three Guardsmen- this refers to three lawmen who were responsible for the capture of over 300 criminals.

Allan Lane stars as Rocky Lane in the film The Wild Frontier. In this 1947 Western, Rocky sets out for revenge and justice following the death of his father, Marshal Frank Lane.

Wheeler was the third captain of the Arizona Rangers and a gunfighter who killed a criminal in 1904 at the Palace Saloon in Tuscon after a gun battle. He also participated in the Gleeson gunfight and served as the sheriff of Cochise County.

Johnny Ringo is an infamous gunfighter whose life story was featured in a western television series of the same name. Actor Don Durant portrays the gunfighter, who has transformed into a law-abiding sheriff.

Hec Ramsey is the main character of the 1972 television series of the same name. American actor Richard Boone portrays the noble Ramsey, as a deputy sheriff who prefers crime-fighting techniques over gun violence.

Matt Dillon is a fictional character in the western series, Gunsmoke, where he stars as the upstanding US Marshal of Dodge, Kansas. For the radio series, William Conrad portrayed the character while James Arness portrayed the television personality.

"Buffalo Hunter" is a name synonymous with Bat Masterson- a lawman in Kansas' Dodge City. During the "Battle of Adobe Walls," he was an Indian fighter who also served as the sheriff of Indian County. Masterson was also close friends with fellow gunfighter Wyatt Earp.

William Boyd stars in this Western film, as Hopalong Cassidy- a local law enforcer investigating the suspicious death of a gold miner. "Hopalong Cassidy Returns" was released in 1936.

Buck Roberts is a US marshal who has traveled to a town in Texas to visit a dear friend, only to discover that he is missing and accused of a heinous crime. Buck Jones stars as Buck Roberts in this film.

Seth was a marshal in Deadwood, a sheriff in South Dakota and Lawrence County. Following his arrival in Deadwood, he successfully transformed the unruly camp into a civilized one.

In the 1955 television series, "Steve Donovan, Western Marshal," Donovan is a US Marshal striving to restore peace in lawless towns. Douglas Kennedy portrays his character.

Festus Hagen was the scruffy, illiterate deputy to Marshall Dillon, on the hit television series- Gunsmoke. Actor Ken Curtis portrayed Hagen's character for more than ten years on the show.

Michael Ansara portrays the main character in Law of the Plainsman- The series follows the story of an Apache Indian (Buckhart) whose heroic actions change his life.

In this 1960 western, Ben January has teamed up with his twin brother, Dr. Rick January, to fight crime in Gunnison, Colorado. Charles Bateman depicts both brothers.

Shank Adams is a captain of the dangerous terrain of Fort Lowell in Arizona. He is assisted by Lieutenant Binning and Luke Cummings, in this 1957 series- Boots and Saddles.

Charles Goode is the loyal partner and sidekick of Marshall Matt Dillon. Dennis Weaver, the actor who portrayed Chester on television, died in February 2006 at 81 years old.

Jack Craddock is a US Marshal in the 1989 television series, Bordertown. Craddock is portrayed by Canadian actor, Roman Comar.

Simon Fry is a chief marshal who partners with his deputy, Clay McCord in the 1959 series- The Deputy. Henry Fonda, the father of actress Jane Fonda, portrays Simon Fry.

Tilghman was a lawman who once served as the sheriff of Lincoln County. This gunfighter was shot to death while on duty in Oklahoma and his wife, Zoe Tilghman, later produced a biography in honor of her husband.

In the series, The Californians, Matthew Wayne is a local sheriff responsible for the city police in California. Richard Coogan depicts this character in this 1850s western.

Frank Morgan stars as John Bromfield, a southern Arizona sheriff of Cochise County. More than 70 episodes of this western aired from its release in 1956.

Bill Winter starred alongside other actors such as Diana Douglas and Moses Gunn, as a marshal in the television series, The Cowboys. The series only lasted one season and was based on a film of the same name that was released years prior.

Joel McCrea depicts Mike Dunbar- a US marshal who works with two deputies in the town of Wichita, Kansas. This short series aired in 1959 and featured only 26 episodes.

Christopher Colt is an undercover agent in Colt .45- a western series. Wayde Preston, the actor who portrayed Colt, experienced difficulties with management and left the series.

Patrick Floyd Jarvis Garrett was a Lincoln County Sheriff known for killing William H Bonney, also known as the famous outlaw- Billy the Kid. It was rumored that the two were gambling buddies at one point in time.

In Laredo, in the 1965 television series, Joe Riley is a former gunfighter with run-ins with the law. In this comedy-action series, Riley is portrayed by William Smith as a man who became a Ranger to avoid legal action against him.

Reese Bennet is a Texas Ranger and a partner to Joe Riley and Chad Cooper. Bennet's role is played by Neville Brand, who was the eldest fictitious ranger at the time. Brand is also known for his portrayal of infamous mobster, Al Capone.

Tom Berenger plays the lead role of Federal Marshal Jared Stone in this crime series- Peacemakers. The show, which only lasted one season, is set in the last days of the Old West where the characters use science to solve crimes.

This is another Old West tale, this time starring Robert Culp as Hoby Gilman. This Texas Ranger travels far and wide to apprehend all types of criminals- from horse thieves to armed robbers.

Reuben J "Rooster" Cogburn is a character in the novel, True Grit, which was released in 1968 and written by Charles Portis. Cogburn's role as a US Marshal lawman was brought to life by John Wayne in the 1975 film, Rooster Cogburn.

Allen Case depicts Clay McCord in the series, The Deputy, which ran from 1959 to 1961. McCord was a deputy and a storekeeper with a reluctance to use his firearm.

In this fictional Western sitcom, Sam Best finds himself once again utilizing his training from the Civil War when he becomes a lawman in Copper Creek. Joel Higgins portrays this veteran in this 1981 show.

Deputy Marshal Will Foreman plays the lead role alongside other Marshals Frank Caine and Charles Breeson in the series, The Outlaws. His character is depicted by western actor Don Collier.

Jim Crown is a US Marshal who governed Cimarron Strip, the vast terrain between Oklahoma and Kansas. This 90-minute series aired in 1967 with Stuart Whitman as Jim Crown.

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