Can You Name These Soul Food Items If We Give You a Hint?

By: Kennita Leon

Sweet tea is made by adding sugar or simple syrup to brewed black tea, then chilling thoroughly. Baking soda may be included to reduce the bitter taste, and then raspberry, lemon, peach or mint may be added for flavor. Serve over ice, of course.

Cornbread is a quick bread that evolved when the original Native American combination of cornmeal and water was enhanced by ingredients brought by English settlers. Cornmeal is the main ingredient, and cornbread is made with baking powder to produce many variants, such as hushpuppies, johnnycakes, muffins and corn pone.

Fried chicken is made when battered or floured pieces of seasoned chicken are fried in a frying pan, a pressure cooker or even a deep fryer. This dish is a combination of Scottish and West African cooking styles.

When boiled potatoes are mashed, and then cream, butter, garlic and salt are mixed in, the result is mashed potatoes. This is a popular side dish, and it is often served with gravy or butter on top.

Gumbo is the official dish of the southern state of Louisiana in the United States. This stew is made with shellfish stock, thickeners such as filé powder or okra and a roux, and meat or seafood. Vegetables such as bell peppers and celery are often added to the mix.

Bread pudding is composed of stale bread, eggs, milk, cream, and butter or suet. Other ingredients such as syrup, sugar, dried fruits, nuts and honey may be added, along with other traditional spices such as cinnamon and nutmeg. Bread pudding is usually sweet, but it can also be a savory dish.

Jambalaya essentially includes rice and vegetables, as well as protein such as shrimp, sausage, pork, crawfish or chicken. Typical vegetables include celery, garlic, chiles, tomatoes, onions, carrots and green bell pepper.

Cream-style corn, or creamed corn, is made when corn is pulped and the milky substance that is left behind is extracted. In this Native American dish, sugar, cream or milk may be added.

Pork ribs are a portion of pork taken from the ribcage of a pig. They are cooked by baking, grilling or smoking, and they're flavored with sauces or seasonings. Pork ribs are common in Asian and Western cultures, and varieties such as baby back ribs are often enjoyed.

Turnip greens are a cruciferous vegetable, prepared in more or less the same manner as mustard and collard greens. It is popular in the southern United States and is often prepared with ham hock or some other meat, then seasoned with pepper and salt.

Ham hock or pork knuckle is the joint between a pig's foot and its leg, where ligaments, skin and lean muscle can be found. This tough meat requires ample cooking time and it contributes a specific flavor to whatever it is added to - which is usually beans, collard greens or rice.

Peach cobbler is a dish made when canned or fresh peaches are added to a combination of flour, baking powder, milk, salt and sugar, then baked. Of course, cobbler can be made with other fruits as well.

Mac and cheese is macaroni which is cooked and combined with a cheese sauce, usually made with cheddar cheese or a combination of cheeses. It can be either baked or cooked on the stovetop, and some recipes may include vegetables or breadcrumbs.

Banana pudding is a simple sweet treat, made by layering vanilla custard with vanilla wafers or ladyfingers and sliced bananas. The whole thing is topped with whipped cream or meringue.

Gravy is a liquid made after meat, such as beef, chicken or pork, has been prepared. The drippings and brown bits are mixed with water or broth and simmered, then the mixture may be thickened with flour or cornstarch. Varieties include red or cream gravy.

Hoecake is a flatbread made by combining cornmeal with salt and water to produce a thick dough, which is then traditionally placed on an actual hoe over an open fire. Hoecake is an unleavened flatbread and is also known as johnnycake.

Pound cake is a sweet treat that is named in reference to its recipe: a pound each of eggs, flour, sugar and butter. In the classic British recipe, the batter is baked in a loaf pan, then topped with a glaze, sifted sugar or icing.

Mustard greens are the leaves of the mustard plant, valued for their nutritional content and known for their spicy taste. Mustard greens are prepared in the same manner as collard greens - seasoned with pepper and salt and cooked with meats such as bacon and chicken.

Hoppin' John, also known as Carolina peas and rice, is a simple dish composed of sliced bacon, rice, black-eyed peas and onions. Possible substitutes for the main ingredients include red cowpeas, ham hock or sausage, which may be used based on preference or availability.

Candied yams are made when sweet potatoes, ginger, orange juice, brown sugar, butter and cinnamon are combined to create a scrumptious baked dish. It's especially popular during Thanksgiving. Let's not open the debate about yams vs. sweet potatoes here!

Caramel cake is a moist cake that's layered with a creamy caramel frosting. Ingredients such as eggs, flour, butter, milk, sugar and vanilla extract are used to make the thin layers of this cake, and the icing is made separately.

Chicken fried steak is named not in honor of its protein, but because of the way it is prepared. It does not contain any chicken, but instead, it is a steak that is battered and fried. Flour, eggs, milk and seasonings such as paprika and cayenne pepper are some of the ingredients used in the batter.

Baked beans are sweet and smoky side dish, usually served at barbecues and picnics. Most people know that beans should be served warm, but true southerners know that this dish should be simmering all day for maximum flavor.

Chitterlings is a food made from the intestines of pigs. They are usually boiled with herbs and spices. This food originated during slavery times and is sometimes known as chitlins.

Of course, pecan pie is a pie made with pecans - an edible nut packed with vitamins and rich in unsaturated fat. The rich filling also includes corn syrup, brown sugar, eggs, butter and vanilla, and the traditional pie crust is made with flour, salt, butter and shortening.

Crackling bread is a simple dish, made when cracklings are baked into cornbread. Cracklings are made up of pork rinds - pig skin - plus the layer of fat beneath.

Hushpuppy batter includes cornmeal, salt, eggs, milk and onions, and the batter is then fried. Hushpuppies are usually a side dish with seafood and may be served with a remoulade.

Collard greens are a vegetable in the cabbage family, and they're packed with vitamin B, fiber, protein, iron and many other nutrients. Collard greens are often prepared with onions, garlic, oil, peppers and sometimes meat, or served along with other greens such as kale and mustard greens.

Pig's feet or trotters are prepared across the world and considered as a delicacy to many. Salt, seasonings, peppers, onion and vinegar are used to flavor the pig's feet, which must be cooked low and slow in order to tenderize the meat.

Biscuits are a baked quick bread and a southern staple at any time of day. In Great Britain, though, if you ask for a biscuit you'll get a sweet cookie.

Fatback is the fat derived from the back of a pig. It is often used to make sausages and pork rinds, but it can also be served as a main course with vegetables. It is often salted and used to flavor other foods, such as beans.

Black-eyed peas are a type of bean that was initially grown in West Africa but is now grown worldwide. They are a primary ingredient in many hearty meals, popular among vegetarians and often served alongside meat and vegetables.

Hot links are spicy sausages that are made using either pork or beef, or a combination of both. Paprika, cayenne and other heat producers are usually added to flavor the sausages. Hot links are a common food in the southern United States and are often served at barbeques.

Grits is a type of corn porridge that is made by boiling ground corn and then adding milk, salt, water and butter. This variation of porridge can be prepared within minutes.

Red beans and rice is a dish that's popular throughout the state of Louisiana. Traditionally, it was flavored with meat or bones left over from the Sunday meal and served on Mondays. Seasonings such as parsley, thyme, cayenne pepper and bay leaf may be added to the beans.

Hog maw is the stomach of the pig - specifically the exterior wall of this organ. It can be prepared in many ways, such as baking, stewing or frying. It is commonly eaten on New Year's Day, as a means of bringing good luck and blessings throughout the year.

Hog jowl or pork jowl is essentially the cheek of the hog that is usually smoked. It may also be stewed or prepared as bacon and served with a variety of greens and beans.

Chicken liver is a dish that is liked by some but regarded as unappetizing by others. Chicken liver can be stewed or battered and deep fried, then served alongside other foods such as vegetables, rice and beans.

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About This Quiz

Soul food is a cuisine that gained popularity in the southern United States. This type of food is said to have come about during the slavery era and was influenced by African, European and Native American dishes. The term "soul food," however, was coined sometime during the sixties, at the time of the Black Power movement. In fact, Malcolm X's autobiography was one of the earliest books to contain the phrase. 

Today, this kind of food is eaten the world over, although it's still most popular in the southeastern states in the U.S.A. While many of the classic soul food dishes aren't the healthiest choices, they are incredibly delicious and have a homey feeling - they're definitely part of the comfort food family. 

But we want to find out how much you really know about these foods and if you know enough to identify each of these soul food delicacies from a single image and hint. So we'll do just that - we will give you a hint and some options, and it'll be up to you to choose the correct one.

If you think you can ace this quiz, let's stop thinking about how hungry we all are and start answering some questions. 

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