Quiz: Can You Name These Star Trek Guest Stars?
Can You Name These Star Trek Guest Stars?
By: John Miller
Image: WatchMojo.com

About This Quiz

Gene Roddenberry never could have guessed that the concepts behind “Star Trek” would have such, well, “universal” appeal. The franchise that he helped to popularize in the late in 1960s quickly bloomed from a quirky sci-fi sideshow into a TV and film extravaganza that continues to this day. Along the way, many, many celebrities wanted to be a part of the fun by guest-starring in these productions. Do you think you know who they are in our guest star quiz?

Sure, everyone knows who plays the parts of Captain James T. Kirk and Spock. They are Hollywood icons that will stand the test of time. But how about the admiral who scolded Kirk in the 2009 reboot film? Do you know the actor who played that part?

Dozens of famous people have found their way into deep space with the Enterprise. Did you know that actress Gabrielle Union once dressed up as a Klingon for an episode of “Deep Space Nine”? Did you know that Ricardo Montalbán once bared his toned chest muscles for an episode of the original series?

There were a lot of other big names that appeared during the first series, too. That included the likes of Teri Garr, Frank Gorshin, Nancy Kovack, Kim Darby, Ted Cassidy, Gary Lockwood, James Gregory and a whole lot more.

Sometimes, guest stars are disguised as alien creatures. Other times, they are fully recognizable in all of their celebrity glory. Grab your tri-corder now and see if you can identify these “Star Trek” guest stars!

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