Can You Name These TV Show Characters Who Worked in Hospitals?

Becky Stigall

What Zach Braff character is the lead on "Scrubs"?

Zach Braff, who played Dr. John Michael "J.D." Dorian, funded a movie with a Kickstarter campaign. The title is "Wish I Was Here."

What title character is a diagnostician on "House"?

The character of House was played by Hugh Laurie, who was born in England. He's also a comedian and a musician.

What "Grey's Anatomy" character is Meredith's "person"?

The character of Cristina Yang is played by Sandra Oh. Oh is Canadian by birth and her parents are Korean immigrants.

What "M*A*S*H" character was played by Alan Alda?

Pierce was the 4077th's chief surgeon. Alda's father was a burlesque performer.

What "Scrubs" regular is buddies with J.D.?

The character of Christopher Turk was played by Donald Faison. Faison is best friends in real life with his "Scrubs" best friend, Zach Braff, who plays J.D.

What "Nurse Jackie" title character has a drug problem?

"Nurse Jackie" offers an honest depiction of addiction. The title character was played by Edie Falco.

What "Call the Midwife" main character left the show after season three?

The character of Jenny Lee is based on a real nurse who was a midwife in 1950s London.

What neurologist is one of House's original diagnostics team?

The character of Dr. Eric Foreman was played by Omar Epps. Epps once performed in a rap group named Wolfpack.

What "Scrubs" female character has a man's name?

The character of Dr. Elliot Reid is played by Sarah Chalke. She also played the character of Becky on "Roseanne."

What "Private Practice" neonatal surgeon was once married to a character on "Grey's Anatomy"?

The character of Dr. Addison Montgomery was played by Kate Walsh. Walsh worked as a model in Japan in the 1980s.

What "M*A*S*H" physician was known as Ferret Face?

The character of Major Frank Burns was played by Larry Linville. Linville studied aeronautical engineering at the University of Colorado at Boulder.

What "Grey's Anatomy" character eventually becomes a pediatric surgeon?

The character of Alex Karev is played by Justin Chambers. Chambers was a model for Calvin Klein, Armani and Dolce & Gabbana.

What "House" character was an immunologist on the original diagnostics team?

The character of Dr. Allison Cameron was played by Jennifer Morrison. Morrison also played Emma Swan on "Once Upon a Time."

What season five "Walking Dead" character is a doctor at Grady Memorial Hospital?

The character of Steven Edwards was played by Erik Jensen. Jensen earned a BFA from Carnegie Mellon University.

What "E.R." medical student left the show after 11 seasons?

The character of Dr. John Truman Carter III was played by Noah Wyle. Wyle played Steve Jobs in a 1999 film.

What adolescent doctor was played by Neil Patrick Harris?

Neil Patrick Harris went on to play Barney Stinson on "How I Met Your Mother."

What original member of House's diagnostics team specialized in intensive care medicine?

The character of Dr. Robert Chase was played by Jesse Spencer. Spencer was born and raised in Australia.

What title character on "Grey's Anatomy" is played by Ellen Pompeo?

Ellen Pompeo is one of the highest paid television actresses. She won a Golden Globe in 2007 for her role as Meredith Grey.

What "E.R." original character went on to become a huge movie star?

The character of Doug Ross was played by George Clooney. Clooney's first major acting gig was his "E.R." role.

What "M*A*S*H" head nurse was on-again, off-again with Frank Burns?

The character of Hot Lips Houlihan was played by Loretta Swit. Swit won two Emmy awards for the role.

What surgical intern on "Grey's Anatomy" was killed off at the end of season five?

The character of George O'Malley was played by T. R. Knight. The character was hit by a bus and killed off at the end of season five.

What "E.R." nurse attempted suicide in the pilot episode?

The character of Nurse Carol Hathaway was played by Julianna Margulies. Margulies went on to play the title role in "The Good Wife."

What Director of Nursing and title character is played by Jada Pinkett Smith?

Jada Pinkett Smith is married to actor Will Smith. She was turned down for the role of Smith's girlfriend on "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air."

What "Scrubs" nurse marries Turk?

The character of Carla Espinosa was played by Judy Reyes. Reyes is of Dominican heritage.

What Los Angeles County Fire Department paramedic was played by Randolph Mantooth on "Emergency!"?

Mantooth, who is of Native American, Scottish and German descent, played the character for six seasons.

Denzel Washington played what "St. Elsewhere" doctor?

He more recently starred in "The Equalizer" and "The Magnificent Seven." Washington played basketball at Fordham University.

What "Chicago Hope" doctor once had a guest spot on "Happy Days"?

The character of Aaron Shutt was played by Adam Arkin. Arkin has also starred in "Sons of Anarchy."

What 1970s doctor and title character was played by Robert Young?

James Brolin also starred in the show, as Steven Kiley, M.D.

What "St. Elsewhere" doctor was played by a game show host?

The character of Dr. Wayne Fiscus was played by Howie Mandel, later the host of "Deal or No Deal" and judge on "America's Got Talent."

What "Chicago Hope" surgeon was played by Mandy Patinkin?

Mandy Patinkin might be best known for his role as Inigo Montoya in "The Princess Bride." He also starred on "Criminal Minds."

What "Nip/Tuck" plastic surgeon is the biological father of his partner's son?

The character of Christian Troy was played by Julian McMahon. McMahon also played a demon on the TV show "Charmed."

What "Royal Pains" character is a concierge doctor?

The character of Hank Lawson is played by Mark Feuerstein. Feuerstein got his first acting job on the daytime soap, "Loving."

What "Chicago Hope" cardiac surgeon was played by Christine Lahti?

Lahti played the character of Kate Austin for four seasons. She won a Golden Globe and an Emmy for her portrayal of the character.

What 1960s television show starred Richard Chamberlain in the title role?

Actor Richard Chamberlain, who played the role of Dr. Kildare, was a '60s heartthrob. He also starred in "The Thorn Birds" miniseries with Rachel Ward.

What "Nip/Tuck" plastic surgeon married his college sweetheart?

The character of Sean McNamara is played by Dylan Walsh. Walsh holds a degree in English from the University of Virginia.

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