Quiz: Can You Name These Two-Word Countries from a Clue?
Can You Name These Two-Word Countries from a Clue?
By: Heather Cahill
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About This Quiz

How many two-word countries do you think there are? There are probably more than you think!

You can find them all across the globe and on many of the continents. They can be any shape or size but they all have one thing in common – their names have two words in them. One-word country names just don't cut it for this quiz! How many two-word countries can you name?

Are you an expert on national anthems around the world? How about currency that is used in different countries? Maybe you can identify a country by its monarch? If you know a few facts about countries around the world, this should be no trouble for you!

Do you know what landmarks belong to what countries? How about the capitals of each one? Maybe you even know a little bit of history behind a few two-word countries? Gather up your knowledge of the world, any information that you know will help you identify the correct country!

Geography experts, this quiz will test your knowledge of the world and the countries in it. From the east and west to the north and the south, get ready to take this quiz and see how well you really know your two-word countries!

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