Quiz: Can You Name These US Military Conflicts from a One Sentence Description?
Can You Name These US Military Conflicts from a One Sentence Description?
By: John Miller
Image: wikimedia

About This Quiz

You can probably name the most famous war that featured George Washington in charge of the Continental Army. It was, of course, the American Revolution, in which Washington led a ragtag confederation of patriots and militiamen against Britain’s empire. In this bomb-blasted quiz, do you think you can name these other United States military actions from a one-line description?

It was the “war to end all wars” and it was one that President Woodrow Wilson tried to dodge. It was also called the “Great War." It was World War I. Do you think you know enough about the World Wars to name them from a brief description? After all, these wars both traversed some of the same ground and involved many of the same soldiers and generals. We’ll find out if you can separate these similar wars in this challenging quiz.

American troops have fought all over Earth, from the South Pacific to Central Europe. In some cases, those battles were hardly worth mentioning. Others claimed more casualties than you can imagine. What do you know about the bloodiest and deadliest battles America has ever fought?

Weapons, tactics and leaders change from war to war. Some men, like General MacArthur, become icons of a specific war (World War II). Others feature heroic generals like Ulysses Grant (Civil War) who later become president. 

Let’s see if you really know America’s wars. Take this United States war quiz now!

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