Quiz: Can You Name These US Presidents from Just Their Initials?
Can You Name These US Presidents from Just Their Initials?
By: John Miller
Image: Shealah Craighead

About This Quiz

Think you know your WJC from your JFK? The United States of America is now on its forty-fifth president, and they’ve all shared some remarkable similarities. To date, they’ve all been old white guys, save for Barack Obama, who was elected in 2008. Sometimes, their policies are awfully similar, too – but they can all rest easy knowing that they share one unique quality: They all have their own unique names and legacies. In this quiz, do you think you know your American presidents well enough to recognize them by their initials?

Some of these are going to be exceedingly easy. Due to his handsome looks, staccato speaking style, and his unfortunate end in Dallas, JFK is one of the most memorable people of the entire 20th century. But do you think you can pinpoint both his predecessor and successor by their initials, too?

Other initials might leave you shockingly befuddled. That’s because some presidents went by their middle names, while others had no middle name at all.

Elect yourself to this tough president initials quiz now! Maybe you really know your Milhous from your McKinley, or perhaps our challenging test will Trump your middling intelligence!

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