Quiz: Can You Name These Utility Vehicles?
Can You Name These Utility Vehicles?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Nan Palmero from San Antonio, TX, USA via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

A utility vehicle is not just one type of vehicle. 

We not only talking SUVs here. Think about it. Something like a minivan. Yes, that can be classed as a utility vehicle. As mentioned, sport utility vehicles fall into that class, as do crossover utility vehicles.

But what about all-terrain vehicles? You guessed it, some of them are classed as utility vehicles along with utility coupes, pickups and even small flat-bed trucks. Because they are different from a normal passenger sedan, they are classified as a utility vehicle, capable of a range of applications as needed. 

For example, your pickup will happily take you to work at your office, but it's a great thing to have when your sister needs help moving to her apartment ... you see it's definitely a utility!

We bet you probably didn't know all that, right? Or maybe you did. But now we want to test your knowledge and see if you can identify various types, makes and models of utility vehicles in this 40-question quiz.

Some you will know immediately, others will require that you use that gray matter to the fullest.

But more importantly, you will have plenty of fun. Try for 40/40, OK?

Good luck!

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