Quiz: Can You Name These Vintage Recipes From a Photo and a List of Ingredients?
Can You Name These Vintage Recipes From a Photo and a List of Ingredients?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Wiki Commons by Marshall Astor

About This Quiz

If you call a jello mold "salad"... this quiz is just for you!

If you call bacon-wrapped water chestnuts "rumaki"... this quiz is just for you!

If you remember the days when potato salad involved hard-boiled eggs... this quiz is just for you!

And if these statements just brought a giant smile to your face, then it's time to take this ultimate vintage recipes quiz. And we think you might just ace it, too! Are you ready to rock the kitchen?

So maybe it was the times, or maybe it was a matter of the ingredients and resources available to your mother. (Let's face it, everybody, it was probably your mother!) But no matter who was doing the cooking, vintage recipes all had one thing in common: they were simple! Today, as we look back, many of these recipes incorporate basic ingredients such as eggs, flour, mayonnaise and cream, and their featured component is often canned fruit or canned fish. Meals such as crown roast, glazed ham and cran-orange roast duckling were reserved for special occasions, and no, you could not leave the table until you cleared your plate! 

Well, if your taste buds are tingling, it's time to get started! Good luck and remember, when life hands you leftover mashed potatoes, be sure to make some Maine potato candy!

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