Quiz: Can You Name This Kitchen Gadget From a One-Sentence Description?
Can You Name This Kitchen Gadget From a One-Sentence Description?
By: Annette
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Kitchen tools make life easier. Not only that, but they also make cooking more fun! In this quiz, we'll test your knowledge of the most interesting and unusual kitchen gadgets, but you have to identify them from a one-line description. Up for the task?

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Used to remove the core and pips from fruits.
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Pokes and removes a cork from a bottle.
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Has a serrated blade for cutting through both crust and airy interior.
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Used to produce decorative butter shapes.
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Tool used for pounding meat.
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Twists or pries the cap off of a bottle.
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A juicer with an attached bowl.
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It holds a raw egg within boiling water.
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A bowl-shaped container with holes.
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Used to create caramelized sugar in a crème brûlée.
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Originally used to slice large cuts of beef, this is now a general utility knife that everyone has in their home.
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Used to crack the shell of a lobster or crab.
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Consists of a slotted dish and a hinged plate of wires or blades.
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A device used for testing the temperature of steak and poultry and such.
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Presses cloves to create a puree, similar to a specialized ricer.
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A long-handled instrument used to pull meat out of narrow legs and other parts of a crab or lobster.
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A device used for thinly slicing vegetables.
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Small scoop used to make smooth balls of food.
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A tool used to finely and consistently chop foods, particularly herbs.
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A deep, wide-bellied, short-necked vessel, used to cook bean-based dishes.
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This is used to zest citrus fruits or finely grate hard foods.
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A sifter or strainer is also known as a ______?
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For trussing roasts of meat or poultry.
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A handle and a curved metal end, the top of which is perforated.
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A gauzed cotton cloth used to remove whey.
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Used for hacking through bone.
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Used to mash or sieve soft foods.
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Used to drizzle honey.
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Used to cut the tops of bread in artisan baking.
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A juicer with a fluted peak at the end of a short handle.
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Typically available in a set that measures dry or wet ingredients.
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Tool used for crushing food to release flavor.
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A crusher and a ballet.
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Used for dispensing icing.
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