Can You Name This Kitchen Gadget From a One-Sentence Description?

By: Annette

Used to remove the core and pips from fruits.

An apple corer removes the core and pips from apples. It has a tube-like shape.

Pokes and removes a cork from a bottle.

A corkscrew pierces and removes corks from bottles. It's the original wine key.

Has a serrated blade for cutting through both crust and airy interior.

A bread knife has a serrated blade that cuts through the bread. The knife is usually quite long and very durable.

Used to produce decorative butter shapes.

Have you curled your butter recently? If not, you're missing out! Get yourself a butter curler!

Tool used for pounding meat.

A tenderizer is used for pounding meat. It has a handle and a grid-like pounding head.

Twists or pries the cap off of a bottle.

A bottle opener is used to twist or pry the cap off a bottle. It liberates beer, as well.

A juicer with an attached bowl.

This is a juicer specifically for lemons. It's a little dish with a cone for squeezing the citrus.

It holds a raw egg within boiling water.

An egg poacher holds a raw egg together while it's poached in boiling water or the microwave. It's used to facilitate the poaching process.

A bowl-shaped container with holes.

A colander is shaped like a bowl and has holes. It's used for draining excess water.

Used to create caramelized sugar in a crème brûlée.

A blow torch is used to create that hardened layer of sugar on a crème brûlée. It's also used for sugar sculptures.

Originally used to slice large cuts of beef, this is now a general utility knife that everyone has in their home.

A chef's knife is what most Western cooks use on a daily basis. It was once intended for cutting beef!

Used to crack the shell of a lobster or crab.

A crab cracker cracks the shell of a lobster or crab. Why isn't it called a lobster cracker?

Consists of a slotted dish and a hinged plate of wires or blades.

An egg cutter cuts peeled eggs in a flash. It cuts hard-boiled eggs evenly and painlessly.

A device used for testing the temperature of steak and poultry and such.

A meat thermometer is used for testing the temperature of meat. It looks like a thermometer for humans, but pointier!

Presses cloves to create a puree, similar to a specialized ricer.

A garlic press effortlessly smashes garlic, creating a puree. Warning: this is a stinky appliance.

A long-handled instrument used to pull meat out of narrow legs and other parts of a crab or lobster.

A lobster pick is also called a lobster fork. It's a long, narrow pick, used to pull the meat out of the creature.

A device used for thinly slicing vegetables.

A mandoline is used for evenly slicing vegetables. It's flat in shape and has a handle that you pull back and forth.

Small scoop used to make smooth balls of food.

I wish I was a little bit taller, I wish I was a melon baller. . . (Sorry, I had to.)

A tool used to finely and consistently chop foods, particularly herbs.

The mezzaluna has a moon-shaped blade, used for cutting. You sway the tool back and forth to chop.

A deep, wide-bellied, short-necked vessel, used to cook bean-based dishes.

Yes, there's actually something called a beanpot. It is used to cook beans! It's a little ceramic pot.

This is used to zest citrus fruits or finely grate hard foods.

The microplane is used to zest fruits and shred hard foods like cheese. Every good bartender knows how to use a microplane.

Used to grind pepper.

A pepper mill is used to grind pepper. At nice restaurants, your server will offer to use this tool to add pepper to your salad.

A sifter or strainer is also known as a ______?

A sieve is also known as a strainer or sifter. It strains particles from liquids.

For trussing roasts of meat or poultry.

Twine is used for trussing meat and poultry. It's also known as kitchen string.

A handle and a curved metal end, the top of which is perforated.

A zester is used for zesting fruit. It's mostly used for lemons or other citrus fruits.

A gauzed cotton cloth used to remove whey.

Cheesecloth is used when making cheese. It can also be used to strain things or hold a bouquet garni.

Used for hacking through bone.

A cleaver is used for hacking through bones. It is a large, broad-bladed knife.

Used to mash or sieve soft foods.

A food mill has a sieve and a crank. There's also a metal blade which crushes food.

Used to drizzle honey.

A honey dipper is used for drizzling honey. Winnie the Pooh has one, for sure.

Used to cut the tops of bread in artisan baking.

A lame is a tool specifically used for slashing the top of bread loaves. It gives bread that rustic, artisan look.

A juicer with a fluted peak at the end of a short handle.

A lemon reamer is used to juice a lemon. You apply the reamer to half of a lemon to press out the juice.

Typically available in a set that measures dry or wet ingredients.

Measuring spoons come in a number of different sizes. They're usually attached to one another for ease of use.

Tool used for crushing food to release flavor.

Also know as a molcajete! This duo helps to release flavor and aroma from food.

A crusher and a ballet.

A nutcracker is used to crush nuts. It's also a famous holiday ballet.

Used for dispensing icing.

A pastry bag is used for dispensing soft substances evenly. This includes icing and filling.

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