Quiz: Can You Name Which Literary Classic These Characters Are From?
Can You Name Which Literary Classic These Characters Are From?
By: Olivia Cantor
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About This Quiz

Great literary works gave us many memorable characters throughout the centuries. Are you familiar with many of them?

Many of these unforgettable fictional friends are the prototypes of personalities we see in different stories today. If plot patterns in storytelling get rehashed and improved upon time and again, the same process happens with characters as well. These characters even come alive outside of literary pages, as we can see them manifest in various forms of media in modern times.

Film and TV characters, even those we encounter in comic books and practically all kinds of art, all have characteristics attributed to an iconic classic literary character, in parts or altogether. From the way they look, their behavior, their innate goodness or their conniving schemes, these literary characters become archetypes that get transformed into various stereotypes and tropes. Look closely, and you'll notice these, too! If you're a bookworm who loves to read the classics, then these are probably familiar to you already.

So, do you want to see your familiarity with these great characters? We'll describe them and their situation a bit, and choose which novel they appeared in. Sounds cool? Then let's get busy!

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Jay is the party-hardy billionaire character from which F. Scott Fitzgerald novel?
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A strong female character who challenged cultural stereotypes of her era is Elizabeth Bennet. In which novel did she appear?
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While roaming around New York, teenager Holden Caulfield likes to think and swear a lot. Which novel did he come from?
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One of the Brontë literary sisters wrote of a lead character named Jane. Can you guess which novel she came from?
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Sherlock Holmes, the beloved detective, is the lead character in which British mystery novel?
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The American Civil War and Scarlett O'Hara didn't see eye to eye, so to speak, in which classic novel?
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Atticus Finch is the lawyer who's also the dad of Scout and Jem in this classic novel. What's the title?
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Cigarette-smoking party girl Holly Golightly can be found cavorting with New York's high society people in which literary work?
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Gregor Samsa is the unfortunate human who got turned into another being in which novel?
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Hester Prynne's story became a cautionary tale about adultery and hypocrisy. What novel narrates her hardships?
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The ivory trader in Congo named Kurtz is one of the central characters in which moody novel?
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It's the Queen of Hearts who gives this novel's protagonist some royal pain and punishment. What novel is this?
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Valentine Michael Smith is not exactly an alien, but he was raised by one in which classic sci-fi novel?
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Eldest daughter Jo March helps her mother run things in their house while their father is away. What novel did these characters come from?
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Santiago is the person alluded to in the title of this classic Hemingway novel. Can you name it?
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Elizabeth is the name of this scary scientist's fiancée, in a novel subtitled "Or, The Modern Prometheus." Which novel is this?
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Yes, before he became a film hero, James Bond is a literary hero. Can you name the novel where his adventures are told?
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In the musical adaptation of this novel, Éponine is the one singing "On My Own." What novel is this?
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A con man by trade, the anti-hero Tom makes a living by imitating people and pretending to be them. What novel details his illegal exploits?
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The independent-minded Bathsheba Everdene's relationships are chronicled in which Thomas Hardy novel?
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The hobbit named Frodo Baggins is the biggest small character to come out of fantasy novel lore. Where can you read his adventures?
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The stoic yet creepy Mrs. Danvers is the housekeeper in the de Winter estate called Manderley. Where can we read all about her?
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In today's language, Lennie Small will be classified as a person with mental disability. In which Steinbeck work can you read about this good-natured guy?
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Social climbing via manipulation seems to be Becky Sharp's "expertise" in which novel?
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Of all the Dickensian characters, we get reminded of Ebenezer Scrooge every single year. What novel contains his story?
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The dame named Dagny Taggart dominates the story set in a dystopian America in which novel?
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This World War II-set novel finds Air Force Captain John Yossarian in the lead. Which satirical work is this?
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The opening line of this novel mentions Clarissa "would buy the flowers herself." What Virginia Woolf novel is this?
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Leopold Bloom's day in Dublin is narrated in the stream of consciousness-structured tale of which pivotal novel?
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Miss Marple is a senior citizen who's also an amateur detective in which whodunit novel?
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This titular character's vanity can be seen in his fear of growing old and wrinkled. Which Oscar Wilde novel can you find this hedonistic narcissist?
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Mina Harker is the wife of Jonathan, the one who travels and meets creatures of the night in which classic novel?
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Col. Aureliano Buendia and his clan's magical realist life is chronicled in this Latin American novel. What's the title?
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Catherine Earnshaw fell in love with a man named Heathcliff in which classic novel?
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Humbert Humbert would definitely be considered as a pedophile by today's standards. In which controversial novel did he appear?
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