Quiz: Can You Name Which State These Army Bases Are Located In?
Can You Name Which State These Army Bases Are Located In?
By: John Miller
Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/alohateam/

About This Quiz

The United States Department of Defense maintains installations all over the country and around the world in the interests of keeping America’s soldiers ready for combat. Many foreign bases are meant to project U.S. influence in far-flung lands, while domestic facilities are often intended for training purposes or as garrisons for when teeming hordes of Chinese and Russian troops finally make their move. Do you think you can match the following U.S. Army bases to the states where they’re located?

Almost every U.S. state has at least some sort of base on its soil. The east and west coasts are particularly important locations for major installations. Legendary places like Fort Bragg and Fort Dix have churned out countless thousands of soldiers who then did battle in now-iconic regions like Normandy, North Africa and the Philippines.

Some bases have been around so long that they trained men for America’s earliest wars. Others came along just in time for the Civil War and the Indian Wars of the Old West. And of course, during World War I and World War II, the federal government opened many new bases in hopes of beating back America’s enemies.

Mark your map and plunge into the battle of this military quiz now! Let’s find out if you know where America’s vital bases are located.

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