Quiz: Can You Pass a 1950s TV Trivia Quiz?
Can You Pass a 1950s TV Trivia Quiz?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: CBS

About This Quiz

Television's Golden Age brought the world some of the greatest shows of all time. It was a time when black and white television transitioned to color and some of the most famous stars on Earth dominated the industry. It brought everything from mystery and horror to Westerns and comedies to the small screen, paving the way for television after it. What was your favorite television show from the era?

Do you know the names of televisions theme songs at the time? Can you name the biggest stars and the shows that they were on? What fun facts do you know about television shows of the time? There is so much to know about '50s television, so brush up on your trivia to ace this quiz!

Can you name the '50s game show that Groucho Marx hosted? Do you know which television show never had rehearsals? Can you name the show where you would hear the phrase: "I gotta kill that boy, I just gotta!"? If you said yes to any of these questions, you really know your stuff!

So, if you think you're a true '50s television fan, or if you just know your trivia, this one is for you. Take the quiz to see how well you know the shows of the decade!

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Which television actress gave birth to her child in real life on the same day that her character on her television show gave birth?
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Which television show is the phrase "Get out of Dodge" from?
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What television show was based on a book?
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Which of these shows was a popular crime show in the '50s?
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The character Tonto is from which television show?
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Which actor from the show "Bonanza" hated it?
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Which of the following did "Our Miss Brooks" transition into?
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Groucho Marx hosted what game show in the '50s?
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Who narrated "The Twilight Zone"?
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Which show first started filming in Grand Central Station?
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Who was one of the main characters in "Rawhide"?
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Which show from the '50s was the first to air more than 1,000 episodes?
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The episode "Hadley's Hunters" from the television show "Maverick" is filled with what?
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Which television show aired one episode that was silent?
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What was "Candid Camera"?
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Which of these shows starred Walter Brennan?
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Who played the Captain on "Captain Kangaroo"?
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Which of these shows is a children's television show?
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Who hosted "American Bandstand"?
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Which '50s television show shares a city name with "The Simpsons"?
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Which actor from "The Rifleman" became a recording artist?
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Which actress from "It's A Wonderful Life" had her own show in the 1950s?
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Which of the following characters is from the television show "Dixon of Dock Green"?
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Who portrayed "Hopalong Cassidy"?
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Which famous show got its start in the '50s?
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What was the first television show to put a toilet on screen?
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Is it true or false that Lassie was a boy?
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The "Texaco Star Theatre" starred which of these famous actors of the '50s?
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"Melancholy Serenade" was the theme song for which television show?
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What was the most-watched television show in 1955?
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Which president appeared in the show "Wagon Train"?
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In which show would you hear the phrase: "I gotta kill that boy, I just gotta!"?
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