Quiz: Can You Pass a 1970s Trivia Quiz?
Can You Pass a 1970s Trivia Quiz?
By: John Miller
Image: A.C. Weisbecker

About This Quiz

In the 1960s, the world burst into a colorful and violent display of political upheaval and cultural turmoil. The effects of that chaos absolutely carried over into the 1970s. In this odd 10-year span, politics tried to find normality and wound up getting stranger than ever before. And the hippies of yesteryear turned into punks, while women and minorities continued struggling for equal rights. In this quiz, what do you remember about the history of the 1970s?

In the ‘70s, mass street protests gave way to the “silent majority” in America, as conservative types quietly retook some of their political power. They didn’t talk about their politics in public – but they voted, and before you knew it, some interesting people were dominating United States elections. Soon, the Nixon Administration was enmeshed in some of the worst scandals ever to rock politics. What do you know about the bizarre political turns of the ‘70s?

In the wake of the Sixties, major cultural forces collided in music and movies. Do you remember the mob movies that made major film stars? And do you recall the musicians who rode their counterculture success to even bigger gigs in the ‘70s? What do you remember about their impact on American media?

You won’t need your tie-dyed shirts for this sideburns-laden quiz. Jump right into this 1970s history quiz and find how much you really remember about this amazing decade!

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