Quiz: Can You Pass a Basic Biology Test?
Can You Pass a Basic Biology Test?
By: Staff Author
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About This Quiz

One of the great achievements of the last hundred years of progressive is that these days, the vast majority of people are literate. Indeed, in the Nordic nations, literacy has reached 100%! In America, literacy in English is lower, hovering down around 91% for those for whom English is a first language. Not all members of that 91% are necessarily very good at reading and writing, but they can just about squeeze out the correct inference from the instructions on a plastic bag when it tells them not to put their head in it.

That's why it's all the more alarming to consider how many people really have no idea what's going on in their own body, or the animal and plant kingdoms around us. People believe all sorts of silly myths about how diseases work or when you can get pregnant or how heredity and genetics work. Some of these errors are harmless, such as people who don't know (say) how seahorses reproduce: If you're not a marine biologist, this is not exactly the most important information you will ever encounter, even if it is extremely interesting. Other mistakes are far more serious, and involve not understanding proper nutrition, how to prevent pregnancy or improve the odds of it, or how and why vaccines work.

This quiz is not for the people who don't get it, though. We're here to find the folks who really know basic biology: the ones who might never hold a PhD in the topic, but who are, in a biological sense, fully literate. Are you one of them? Let's find out!

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