Can You Pass a Basic Parenting Quiz?

Zoe Samuel

How early should you teach your kids to read?

How much TV should you allow your children before they turn ten?

How much should you encourage artistic pursuits?

How important is it that your children learn to enjoy athletics early on?

How many toys are enough toys?

Which of these is the ideal toy for a toddler?

Why are playdates important?

When is it appropriate to give a child a Swiss army knife?

When is corporal punishment acceptable?

Which of these is the ideal toy for a baby?

When should you try to teach your child a second language?

What sport should you encourage an interest in?

Which of these toys is the ideal toy for a tween?

In what way is religion important to the growth of a child?

Which language is probably the most important for your child to learn as a second language?

Which of these is the most important academic subject for your child to excel in?

Is it important to help your child with their homework if they are having trouble?

Which of these childhood staples is a good way for a kid to learn about risk?

What kind of dog is great to have when you are raising a small child?

How important is having access to an outdoor space to raising a child?

When should you start exposing a child to culture (museums, theater, etc.)?

Is it okay to go on trips without your child when it means they will get homesick?

How early should your child be sent to summer camp or boarding school for part of the year?

Is it a big deal if your child skins their knees?

How important is it that your child be able to share in the social rituals of their peers?

When is it okay for your child to begin smoking?

When should a child be taught how to drive?

At what age should a child be taught survival skills, like building a campfire?

When should a child be taught financial skills?

How important is it that a child be taught about the history of nations other than your own?

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About This Quiz

Having a child is the most important decision you'll ever make. You might have thought it was who you marry, or where (or if) you go to college or picking a city to live in or buying a house, but it is not. It's that moment that you decide to bring forth a new life into the world who will be absolutely dependent on you for many years, and whose entire existence will be shaped by choices you make, genes you gifted them, and opportunities you were able to obtain for them. From an emotional, economic, spiritual, and professional standpoint, it is the most significant thing you'll ever do.

Fortunately, there's no right or wrong way to execute that truly awesome responsibility. Plenty of people do a great job who are not wealthy, highly educated, or thoroughly resourced. Others do a terrible job who have absolutely no excuse whatsoever. There are certain basics such as knowing a little CPR, having a sense of developmental milestones, and knowing when your baby needs to see a doctor or how much they ought to eat, but other than that, as long as you're loving, reliable, and kind, it'll probably all come out in the wash.

This quiz isn't about reassuring you, though. This quiz is about those milestones and meeting that baseline. Let's see if you pass! (And if you don't, don't worry; babies come with nearly nine months of warning, so there's plenty of time to learn.)

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