Quiz: Can You Pass a Basic Physics Test?
Can You Pass a Basic Physics Test?
By: Torrance Grey
Image: Yuichiro Chino/ Moment/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Physics: Some scientists call it "the fundamental science," because of the way it underlies every other science. Think that atoms and molecules are only for chemistry class? Think again -- how those atoms move, and the nature of the subatomic particles that make them up, are province of physics. Think that black holes are only studied in astronomy? Not so -- there's a whole branch of physics that deals with the matter, energy and motion of the heavenly bodies. Among the sciences, probably mathematics rivals physics as a prerequisite to understanding every other field. (And yes, math is considered a science!)

For this quiz, we're not going to venture into the sexy (yet nearly incomprehensible) area of quantum physics. Don't worry, you won't need to know what they're doing at CERN, or what a Higgs boson really is. We're going to quiz you the stuff that bedeviled you -- or maybe the stuff you loved -- in middle school or high school. We're going to talk about the physics that keeps planes in the air, and makes baseball such a thrilling game to watch. And there'll be a few questions on the most famous physicists of all time. (A guy named Albert might come up). 

Are you ready? No need for a No. 2 pencil -- just a love of this most beautiful of sciences!

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