Quiz: Can You Pass a Train Conductor Exam?
Can You Pass a Train Conductor Exam?
By: Todd Betzold
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About This Quiz

You learn something every day, but did you know that a train conductor is not the person who actually drives the train? The conductor is the person responsible for making sure the trains remain on schedule and completing en-route paperwork and sometimes even selling tickets to passengers. The railroad engineer is the one behind the controls of the train. Toot your horn on that one!

The conductor is often the person who will be making announcements on the train or opening and closing the doors for you. They are that person standing in the center of the train, so they can have a view of everything happening on board.  With the actual operation of trains increasingly being automated, the conductor actually has one of the most demanding jobs on the train. He has to deal directly with passengers!

Can you choo-choo your way through this quiz and pass the train conductor exam? If so, you could be calling the shots on the next Amtrak ride. The conductor plays a vital role in guaranteeing that the train arrives at its destination with no issues, as well as no issues for the passenger! Time to settle in and see if you can pass the exam!

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A customer owes you $32.58 for their tickets and gives you two $20 bills. How much change do you own them?
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When pulling into a station, what must the conductor announce every time?
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How often is periodic training for 49 CFR, Part 239 required?
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What is 1/3 plus 5/4 equal to?
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What part of 49 CFR regulates the Hours of Service law?
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Trains operating on an excepted track may not exceed what speed limit?
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What is 5/8 as a decimal?
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Of the following, who is qualified to perform a Class I Brake test?
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A customer owes $18.90 for their ticket and paid with one $10 bill, one $5 bill and four $1 bills. How much change do you owe them?
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If something is found that might interfere with the safe movement of the train, what action must be taken by the conductor?
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Who must meet the federal standards put in place under 49 CFR, Part 242?
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After Amtrak notifies an individual that their certificate has been denied or revoked, how soon before they aren't eligible to serve as conductor?
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What is 2/5 written as a percentage?
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At what point does an individual get the chance to rebut or explain information that leads to the denial of certification?
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Who is responsible for displaying markers?
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Which of the following safety critical times are T&E employees unauthorized to use personal electronic devices, according to 49 CFR, Part 220?
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Before leaving a terminal and en route, who is responsible for knowing that the crew is equipped with the necessary train signal appliances?
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A 2,000-foot train crosses a point in 50 seconds. What would the speed of the train be?
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What is the change due for a customer who owed $27.90 and paid with two $10 bills, one $5 bill and two $1 bills?
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Can you convert 5/25 into a decimal?
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To hold their tickets, the purchaser needs to put down 25% of the total cost, which is $250. How much do they need to put down?
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If a brake test was not done or the Passenger Conductor wasn't aware of the test being done, are these revocable events under 49 CFR Part 242 for the Passenger Conductor?
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(20 - x) / 4 = 3. What does x equal?
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