Could You Pass the FBI Entrance Exam?


You see a notorious murderer on the street - what do you do?

You can't jump in until you know for sure that's your guy. Call for backup and follow the murderer like a hawk.

What does it mean when someone is constantly touching their chin, watch or arm?

When someone is constantly touching their arm, chin or watch, it can mean they're lying. The discomfort of the lie leads to fidgeting.

Do you have a driver's license?

If you don't have one, you're going to need one. Proper identification is crucial when you go to your FBI exam.

When something goes wrong, do you want to get to the bottom of things?

Well, you're off to a good start. Simply wanting to get to the bottom of things is at the heart of all FBI activities.

Can you prepare a cohesive report?

You need to prepare a cohesive report in 90 minutes time. This will be part of your entrance exam.

The FBI is responsible for which of these?

In essence, the FBI is responsible for gathering evidence and solving crimes. This is done in order to prevent more crime.

Can the FBI arrest people?

The FBI can arrest people. But as the name suggests, the primary focus of their job is investigation.

The FBI is part of _____.

The FBI is a branch of the U.S. Department of Justice. The FBI has a broad range of cases that they investigate, from terrorism to civil rights violations.

How many special agents are in the FBI?

There are roughly more than 13,000 FBI special agents. The special agents only account for a fraction of the people that work at the FBI.

Do you know how to fire a gun?

You're going to need to know how to fire a gun. The more experience you have with that, the better.

Can the FBI create laws?

The FBI does not create laws. The Department of Justice is responsible for upholding the laws, which the FBI contributes to.

You walk into a room with a dead body and a guy who's scared and holding a knife. What do you do?

As an FBI agent, it's not your job to suspect anyone until you've completed your investigation. Detain the suspect, then do some investigation.

Are you quick to judge someone who has hurt you?

As an FBI agent, it's important to gain some objectivity and explore the facts. After investigation, you may find that the other person did not intend to do harm.

What is white-collar crime?

White-collar crime is money-related and not violent. The Madoff scandal involved white-collar crime.

How long is training at the FBI academy?

Training at the FBI academy takes a grueling five months. That being said, it's some of the best law enforcement training in the world.

Where is the FBI academy?

The FBI academy is located in Quantico, Virginia. It was initially opened to teach FBI agents marksmanship.

Do you know what Miranda rights are?

It's pretty important that you learn the Miranda rights. These are what you say when you arrest someone.

Must applicants take a polygraph test?

To gain entrance into the FBI, you'll have to take a polygraph test. Then, you might have to learn how to give this test to others.

How did you study for a college exam?

As an FBI agent, you're going to have to know how to study. Work for an hour or two each day, and begin studying as soon as possible.

When you get angry, do you throw things?

FBI agents must stay in control of their emotions at all times. If someone or something makes you angry, you should just go home and bite your pillow.

Do you know what a Glock Model 22 is?

You'd better know what a Glock Model 22 is, because you're going to be carrying one. Or you may carry a Glock 23 in .40 S&W.

When going on a trip, how do you plan?

Planning, planning, planning. An FBI agent must always have a plan in place, and they must execute it.

Can you run more than a mile?

You need to run at least 1.5 miles to apply for the FBI. They're going to time you while you do it.

What does FBI stand for?

One of the basic things that you need to know is that FBI stands for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. If you don't know that, memorize it now.

When you enter a crime scene, what's the first thing you investigate?

As an FBI agent, the first thing that you want to look at is the big picture. Explore the room, see where the evidence is and try to get to motive.

As an FBI agent, you know that drugs can look like what?

In the FBI, you see it all. Drugs can look like candy, but a block of coke can look like cement.

Have you had overdue library books?

As an FBI agent, responsibility is key. Overdue library books are a sign of negligence.

Where is the FBI Headquarters?

The FBI Headquarters is in Washington, D.C. You're not necessarily going to have to live there.

Did you obtain a bachelor's degree?

You need a Bachelor's degree in order to apply for the FBI. That being said, the degree needs to come from a relevant field.

Are your eyes 20/20 and 20/40 or better?

You need to have 20/20 vision in at least one eye, with or without glasses. The other eye can be no worse than 20/40.

Are you between the ages of 23 and 37?

You're going to need to be between the ages of 23 and 37, with no major disabilities. If you're 38, you've missed the boat.

Can the FBI arrest people in other countries?

The FBI can arrest people in other countries, but only in certain circumstances. They need permission from the host country.

If someone threw you a surprise party, would you like it?

As an FBI agent, you like to always be prepared and know what's coming. Surprise parties cramp your style.

Does the FBI deal with missing persons cases?

The FBI don't immediately get involved with missing persons cases. If they're asked by state authorities, then they'll get involved.

Do you have tattoos?

It doesn't matter whether or not you have tattoos. You can even become an FBI agent if you have body piercings.

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