Quiz: Can You Pass This Asian Geography Quiz?
Can You Pass This Asian Geography Quiz?
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Asia is the largest and most populated continent on the planet. It contains both of the most-populated countries (head into the quiz if you think you know which they are!) in the world and most of the world's people. It reaches from the Mediterranean to the Pacific, bounded on its northern edge by the Arctic Ocean and on the southern side by the Indian Ocean. It includes countries with climates fairly similar to that of Southern Europe, as well as very high-altitude, dry countries, and hot, wet, heavily forested countries. It's enormously culturally and linguistically diverse, meaning that almost nobody is fully familiar with all of its languages and history.

With civilization having begun in the Fertile Cresent in Mesopotamia, Asia technically covers the cradle of civilization, as well as including the home of the biggest empire ever to exist and also the most advanced nations throughout most of human history prior to the last 300 years. For the purposes of this quiz, we're going to focus on South Asia and the Far East - watch out for Central Asia and the Middle East coming soon in their own quiz! - so if you know your Mongol, Indian, and Chinese history, you'll doubtlessly ace this quiz. Let's see how you do!

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What is the most populous country in Asia?
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Which city is the capital of Bangladesh?
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Which country was formerly known as Siam?
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What is the most-spoken language in Asia?
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What is the highest mountain in Japan?
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Which Indian river is sacred to Hinduism?
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Which Asian river was dammed in 2003 amid considerable controversy?
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Which Asian autonomous Chinese region has the second-highest GDP per capita on the planet?
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Which Asian nation has the longest land border?
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What is the capital of South Korea?
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Which country was formerly known as Burma?
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Which Asian state has the third highest GDP per capita on the planet?
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Which Asian country is home to the temples of Angkor Wat?
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Which Asian country also has a portion of its territory in Europe?
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Which Asian country is the ninth-biggest in the world by land area?
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What Asian town is nearest to the point that is furthest from the ocean on the entire planet?
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What ruined city is the historical first capital of the Mongol empire?
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Which two Asian nations have technically been at war with each other for more than 50 years?
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Which island city was leased to another country for 99 years but returned to China in 1997?
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How many nations share a border with China?
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Which mountain nation is home to Mount Everest?
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Which island nation lies off the southern tip of India?
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What natural disaster in 2005 killed 250,000 people in Asia and the Pacific Rim, most of them in Thailand and Indonesia?
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Through which of the countries below does the Mekong River NOT flow?
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Which island chain nation is home to the Sea of Stars beach?
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Ninety-five percent of plastic waste in the ocean comes from 10 rivers. How many of these are in Asia?
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Which Indian city is home to the Bollywood film industry?
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When did Laos achieve independence from France?
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What mountain nation borders the Indian state of Assam?
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Which Asian country's name literally means "land of the pure" in Urdu?
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Which city in Asia has the largest population?
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The Maldives is the smallest Asian nation by population. What is the next smallest?
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What geographical feature forms a natural boundary between Pakistan and India?
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What is the name of the disputed territory on the northern border of India, also claimed by Pakistan?
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What is the second most populous country in Asia?
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