Quiz: Can You Pass This Baby Boomer Trivia Quiz?
Can You Pass This Baby Boomer Trivia Quiz?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: Associated Press/Standard-Sentinel March 25, 1958, page 1

About This Quiz

Baby boomers are an extremely large generation that has left a huge imprint on the world. They've left their mark on many different parts of society and continue to do so today. Their generation is known for many things, from attitude to work ethic, and they have influenced the modern world. So, you think you know them?

Do you know how the generation got their name? Do you know what boomers like to do and what they value? How much do you know about the financial situation of the boomers? Do you know the names of the two different boomer groups? If you can answer these questions, that's still only half the battle!

Can you name the band that caused a craze among members of the generation? What about the toys and technology that they grew up with? What do you know about the baby boomers who served as president? You'll need to know the people, places and things that set this generation apart from the others.

Are you a baby boomer? Or maybe your parents are? If you know your stuff, then your age won't matter. If you think you know about the generation of hippies and civil rights, take the quiz to prove your knowledge!

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