Quiz: Can You Pass This 4-Digit Number Addition Test Without Using a Calculator?
Can You Pass This 4-Digit Number Addition Test Without Using a Calculator?
By: Isadora Teich
Image: pexels

About This Quiz

Think you are a mental math genius? Math may be a supposedly basic skill that most people start learning at an early age, but that doesn't mean that many people excel at it. After school ends, most people have little reason to use math outside of basic calculations. The world of smartphones makes it easy to have everything you could ever need in your pocket, including a calculator. It is easy for an adult to go years without ever really doing much math in their heads. 

That's why it takes someone with real mental mettle to take on this no calculator addition challenge. This quadruple digit challenge will be a real stretch for the old noggin! Make sure to put that calculator or that phone down before you start so you can really put your brain to the ultimate test. 

Math buffs rejoice! Finally, a quiz for those who love to wrestle with numbers and come out on top. There's nothing like a fun mental math exercise to see just how fast and how efficient a brain can be when it is put to the test. If you think you can crush this mental math addition challenge, give it a shot!  

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