Quiz: Can You Pass This Basic Sunday School Quiz?
Can You Pass This Basic Sunday School Quiz?
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

The Bible: It's a long, complex book -- but we start breaking it down for little kids while they're as young as five years old! Maybe you were one of those kids, sitting in a church classroom with construction-paper Bible verses and gospel illustrations on the wall. Maybe you've moved on, as an adult, to teaching Sunday school yourself. 

We save the sticky points of theology for later in life. (What does all that crazy stuff in Revelations really *mean*, anyway?) Sunday school is, instead, full of tales of Jesus's love for children and the innocent. It's also about the righteous men and women who heard God's call, and who were rewarded for it. People like Joseph, the young son of Jacob who turned his slavery in Egypt into a chance to give wise counsel to the Pharaoh, and to stave off a national fame. Or the Moabite woman -- we can't name her here, as one of the questions is about her -- who showed great loyalty to her Jewish mother-in-law, and who is honored with her own book of the Bible. 

It's time to see if you paid attention on all those Sunday mornings when you might rather have been sleeping in or playing outside or in "real church" with the adults! Take our quiz and show off your Bible knowledge now!

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