Quiz: Can You Pass This Canadian General Knowledge Quiz?
Can You Pass This Canadian General Knowledge Quiz?
By: Heather Cahill
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About This Quiz

The true North, Strong and free! Canada is a beautiful country with lots of history and some fun facts. Think you know about the nation and its ways?

This line from Canada's national anthem, "O Canada," describes the nation very well. Canada is known to be a great place to live, with lots of great people and systems that make it what it is. What do you know about the country, its people and how they live?

Do you know the name of some of the most famous doughnuts in the nation? How about what Canadians call their winter hats? What are Canadians known for saying a lot? Canada has many stereotypes, some that may not be as well-known as others. You'll need to know them!

Do you know the history of the country? How about some of the most important people in the nation? Maybe you even know some population statistics or the country's geography? Don't forget to brush up on their official languages. This quiz will test your knowledge of everything Canadian, make sure you truly know your stuff!

Canada may have only become its own country about 150 years ago, but it has had a large impact on the world. Do you know what day Canada Day is celebrated? If you think you know your stuff about our friends to the north and their country, take the quiz to test your knowledge!

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