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This British food involves bread and a hot cheese sauce. Can you name it?

A welsh rarebit is when you take a piece of toasted bread and pour a hot cheese sauce over it. There is no meat involved, even though the name sounds like "rabbit."

This pie has sardine heads sticking out from the ends! Can you identify it?

A stargazy pie has sardine heads that stick out from the ends. Since they seem to be looking "up" towards the sky, this pie sounds like the sardines are "stargazing."

This type of pie contains slowly-cooked steak. What's it called?

A steak pie consists of slowly-cooked steak as the filling for a pie. Other variations include adding in beer to the mixture, like Guinness.

A hearty 'cottage pie' is also called a...?

A shepherd's pie is a hearty, savory pie that is filled with slowly-cooked meat and vegetables. It is then baked with a top layer of creamy mashed potatoes.

Which of these British dishes contains sausages?

Despite the name, there are no toads in the classic British dish, toad-in-the-hole. Instead, sausages are baked in a Yorkshire pudding mixture.

What do you think is in a Sunday roast?

A typical Sunday roast will consist of roasted beef, as well as hearty side pairings of vegetables and Yorkshire pudding. This is typically a large meal that is consumed on Sundays.

Vegetables and minced meat are in this small, baked pastry. Can you name it?

A pasty is typically small in size, and consists of vegetables and minced meat. It's popular as a snack or light meal, and has Cornish origins.

These meatballs are made from various organs of an animal. What is it called?

Faggots are meatballs made from various organs of an animal, like a pig. Some of these organs include the heart, liver and stomach.

Which of these British foods is a stew?

A Lancashire hotpot contains vegetables, like potatoes and onions, which are stewed with meat. Mutton or lamb is traditionally used, as well as oysters.

Which of these British foods is typically served for breakfast?

Bubble and squeak is a type of breakfast dish that consists of roasted meat, cabbage, tomatoes, and potatoes. When the cabbage is cooked, it often makes various "squeaky" noises, hence the name of this dish.

Which of these dishes utilizes lamb kidneys?

Devilled kidneys are primarily made with lamb kidneys, as well as various seasonings and sauces, such as Worcestershire sauce. It can also be served during both breakfast and dinner hours.

This steak is baked in a puff pastry. What is it called?

A Beef Wellington is a steak that contains an outer layer of puff pastry. There is usually a filling in between as well, which consists of pâté and/or a minced mushroom mixture.

Which of these breads is eaten with a savory filling inside?

A stottie cake is actually a type of bread that is consumed with a savory filling inside. Examples may include bacon, sausage and ham.

Which of these British foods is a stew?

A scouse is a stew that consists of potatoes, gravy and beef. Lamb may also be used, as well as carrots and peas.

Which of these is a type of fish?

A kipper is a type of herring that is commonly served for breakfast. These types of fish usually have a salty and smokey flavor to them.

Which of these dishes contains suet pastry?

A steak and kidney pudding is a type of savory pudding that contains suet pastry and minced meat. It's also best served with potatoes, peas and carrots.

Which of these dishes contains gravy and minced meat?

A steak and kidney pie is a mixture of gravy and minced meat that is baked in a type of pastry. Some of these includes shortcrust and puff pastry.

A 'Trowley dumpling' is also called a...?

The Bedfordshire clanger is another name for the Trowley dumpling, and may be prepared in either sweet or savory fashions. Some common fillings include sage, potatoes, jam and liver.

Which of these cakes has jam in it?

A battenberg cake consists of jam and marzipan that is prepared in a chequered design. The outer layer is then covered in a sweet icing.

Which of these British foods contains muscovado sugar?

A gypsy tart contains muscovado sugar, which bears similarities to molasses. It's also mixed with evaporated milk and "set" in a small pastry crust.

Fruit and custard are mixed together to create a...?

A fruit fool is a mixture of custard and various types of pureed fruit. Examples include gooseberries, raspberries, apples and strawberries.

Apples + sponge cake = ?

Eve's pudding is a type of sponge cake that consists of baked apples inside. The pudding is often small and round in shape.

Which of these British desserts contains meringue?

An Eton mess may look messy, but contains simple ingredients that are easy to make for anyone. All you need are strawberries, whipped cream and meringue pieces to create this delicious dessert.

A 'fly cake' is traditionally called an...?

An eccles cake consists of currants that are typically small and round in shape. These are also called "fly cakes" or "fly pies."

Which of these British desserts is fermented for several months?

Believe it or not, a traditional Christmas pudding is actually fermented for several months for a strong flavor. It won't turn rotten though, since the alcohol "ferments" within the pudding.

Which of these breads has lard in it?

A lardy cake contains lard, as well as raisins and currants. Despite its name, it's actually not a cake, but a type of bread!

Which of these dishes contains suet?

Suet is a type of fat that is derived from the kidney areas of an animal, which is mixed with sugar and dried fruit to make a spotted dick. It's "spotted" because of the spots of dried fruit in the pudding.

Wine and cream makes which of these desserts?

A syllabub is a mixture of cream (or milk) and wine that is sweetened with sugar. A citrus element may also be added, such as lemon juice, for a small acidic bite.

Golden syrup is the primary filling in a...?

A treacle tart contains golden syrup as the primary filling, as well as a hint of lemon juice. This is also served with a side of cream, such as ice cream.

'Well pudding' is also called...?

A Sussex pond pudding contains sugar and butter that is cooked in a pastry made of suet. Suet is a type of fat that is derived from the kidney areas of an animal.

Frangipane can be found in which of these British desserts?

Frangipane is an almond mixture that is found in the Bakewell tart dessert. Other variations include adding in jam, cherries and ground rice.

Nutmeg and brown shrimp are the primary ingredients in the ________ ________ dish.

Potted shrimp mainly consists of two primary ingredients: nutmeg and brown shrimp. Butter may also be added for a richer flavor.

A cheesecloth is used to make which of these puddings?

A rag pudding consists of a suet pastry that is filled with onions and meat. A cheesecloth is then used to cook the suet pastry.

Toffee and dates are the primary ingredients in which of these desserts?

A sticky toffee pudding contains layers of dates and moist cake that are smothered in a thick toffee sauce. It's considered to have Scottish origins.

Fruit and bread is all you need to make...?

A summer pudding is bread that is soaked in fruit juice. The bread is typically sliced so it absorbs more fruit juice, and topped with extra fruit (like berries) for consumption.

Sausages and mashed potatoes are also called...?

Bangers and mash is a hearty dish that is simply comprised of mashed potatoes and sausages. It's also usually smothered in a rich brown gravy.

Fruit that is baked beneath a layer of pie crust is called a...?

A cobbler is a baked dish that is comprised of fruit and a pastry crust on top. Many different types of fruit may be used, such as apples, blueberries and pears.

Saffron and currants are the main ingredients in the ________ cake.

Otherwise known as a saffron bun, a saffron cake mainly consists of currants and saffrons. These look like small buns with "spots" of currants sticking out.

You can taste quite a bit of ginger in a...?

A parkin has distinct ginger and/or gingerbread flavors to it. They are usually cut up in small squares and look similar to brownies.

A 'Monmouth Pudding' is also called a...?

The "queen of puddings" dessert consists of jam and meringue, as well as lots of breadcrumbs. These are also best served with custard and some citrus zest on top.

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A wide variety of British foods are popular throughout many regions of Europe. Some have English origins, while others originate from Scotland or Wales. No matter where these foods come from, these sweet and savory offerings contain a mix of nostalgia and modern renditions.

Many types of British foods can be categorized into pies and puddings, but that doesn't mean that they are all sweet! For example, the stargazy pie contains sardine heads that actually stick out from the ends of the pie! Since their eyes look like they're "looking up," the name "stargazy pie" was born. Another example of a savory pie is the steak pie, which is actually made from slowly-cooked steak meat.

Let's talk about savory and sweet puddings for a moment. Did you know that summer pudding is actually made from bread that is soaked in fruit juice? Or how about that rag pudding is made from onions, meat, and suet? Speaking of suet, this type of animal fat (which is found around the kidney areas) is actually used for many types of pastries in British desserts.

In this quiz, you'll get your shot to identify all 40 of these British foods. Think you can name them all? Take this quiz now to find out!

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