Quiz: Can You Pass This Fun Facts Quiz?
Can You Pass This Fun Facts Quiz?
By: Tasha Moore
Image: Jose Luis Pelaez Inc / DigitalVision / Getty Images Plus / Getty Images

About This Quiz

Get ready for a super-fun and highly informative time with this fun facts quiz! We've put together some of the most interesting, shocking and jaw-dropping knowledge to amaze you. Feast your eyes on food facts, geography info, sports trivia and other not-so-obvious truisms. And we've amped up the shock value of these facts with explanations that'll leave you stunned.

Did you know that some people develop a random ability to speak foreign languages? True or false: Cabbage is made mostly of water? Is baseball the longest-played sport on Earth? Where on Earth can you expect to live the longest? Do unicorns really exist in Scotland? And if the magical creatures do live in Scotland, do they "Neigh!" with a Scottish accent? What sound does a unicorn make? It may trot and look like a horse with a serious migraine, but it may very well bark like a pup, squeal like a piglet or blow a range of strangely communicative octaves through its horn. And since "uni" means "one," and the unicorn has one horn, why isn't the creature called a unihorn?

Once you get started with this quiz, the questions in your mind will keep coming. End your agonizing curiosity already, and pass this fun facts quiz with flying colors!

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