Quiz: Can You Pass This Gen X Trivia Quiz?
Can You Pass This Gen X Trivia Quiz?
By: Heather Cahill
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Generation X: a generation influenced by those before and after them, with different views and values than both. They grew up in a unique time, with incredible world events as well technology that no generation before them ever had. They had the movies, the stars and icons that are still talked about to this day. What are your favorite Generation X memories?

Do you know the name of the generations that surround Gen Xers? What about the many nicknames that the generation has collected over the years? Can you name the social media platform that Generation Xers use most? Make sure you know your stuff about the entire generation, including fun facts and traits!

Do you know what artists and movies were popular with the generation? What about the toys they played with as kids or the devices they used? How many companies can you name that were run by a member of Generation X? Can you name the channel that the generation grew up on? Don't forget about the pop culture aspects that the generation grew up alongside!

So, maybe you're part of the generation, or maybe you just know a lot about them. No matter what generation you are part of, test your knowledge on the infamous Generation X with this quiz!

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