Quiz: Can You Pass This General Knowledge Quiz From 1969?
Can You Pass This General Knowledge Quiz From 1969?
By: John Miller
Image: Wiki Commons

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After World War II, America settled into the oddity of the 1950s, a post-war boom in which millions of babies were born and jobs were plentiful… but there was darkness seeping in just beyond the horizon. When the 1960s arrived, so too did massive social turbulence. A U.S. president was shot and killed. Civil rights leaders were murdered. Riots enveloped entire cities. By the time 1969 rolled around, many Americans could hardly wait for the strangeness of the 1960s to be over. What do you recall about the events of 1969?

The end of the ‘60s saw the counterculture still thriving against conservative factions. Large music festivals weren’t just for fun; they were a sign of a movement that often came to literal blows with authority. But there were peaceful moments, too. What do you remember about the flower children and their role in late Sixties politics?

And speaking of politics, from Vietnam to Chicago, there were power struggles galore. One tired president stepped aside, giving way to a man who would become more infamous than all of his predecessors. 

Don’t burn that draft card just yet! Step into the time machine of this 1969 knowledge quiz now!

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He had a major impact on world events in 1969. Who was sworn in as U.S. president that year?
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How did Charles Manson gain notoriety in 1969?
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Which landmark TV show started its run in 1969? (It starred a certain "lovely lady.")
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It’s never frozen! Which fast food chain got its start in 1969 in Columbus, Ohio?
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In August 1969, the legendary Woodstock music festival took place in which area?
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It altered an entire industry. Which huge technology innovation launched in 1969?
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It featured a tall yellow bird character. Which children’s TV show got its start in 1969?
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The ‘69 Lakers were favored to win the NBA Finals. But they lost to which iconic team?
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It ended one small chapter of the Sixties. In April, Sirhan Sirhan was sentenced for which crime?
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The event is still a stain on the family. What happened with Ted Kennedy in 1969?
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Strap on those boots! Which film won the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1969?
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There was new hope for struggling families. Which scientific first happened in 1969?
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It still makes people shudder in fear. Why did the word "zodiac" take on scary tones in 1969?
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How did the U.S. alter its course regarding the Vietnam War in 1969?
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In 1969, “Get Back" was a number one hit song for which group?
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One industry was not amused by this development. In 1969, the FCC banned what sort of advertisements on radio and television?
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Those words came back to haunt him. In 1969, who said, Americans "cannot learn from one another until we stop shouting at one another"?
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In the U.S., which chemical was banned in residential areas?
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It’s a reminder of our dual nature. What event unfolded in September 1969 in the Vietnam War?
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It jump started a subculture. Which popular TV show ended in 1969?
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The "Nixon Doctrine" affected which aspect of world affairs?
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He came back swinging. In July, Muhammad Ali was convicted of what?
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In June of 1969, the Stonewall riots sparked which societal change?
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The New York Mets were heavy underdogs in the ‘60 World Series. Which team did they beat?
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Later they’d play the Super Bowl halftime show. In 1969, which band released an album titled "Tommy"?
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He altered America’s politics in profound ways. In 1969, Warren Burger took on which responsibility?
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It became a reign of terror. In September, Muammar Gadhafi took control of which unfortunate nation?
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Hurricane Camille hit American territory in 1969. Where did this Category 5 storm strike?
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He was Overlord’s master. Which American hero died in March 1969?
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In 1969, British troops were sent to this location and wound up staying for decades. Which place was it?
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In December, a huge concert headlined by The Rolling Stones took place at Altamont Speedway. It is memorable for what reason?
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It made the Longhorns look good. Which college football team won the 1969 national championship?
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In September, the trial of the "Chicago 8" began. They were charged with protests during which event?
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