Quiz: Can You Pass This General STEM Quiz?
Can You Pass This General STEM Quiz?
By: John Miller
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About This Quiz

In this fast-paced, high-tech world, we have a desperate need for more people who apply their intellectual brawn in STEM, or science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. STEM fields are incredibly important to helping entire nations – and our race as a whole – advancing to next-level science and technology. But do you really know anything about the STEM subjects in our quiz?

In America, educators and employers became alarmed at what they saw as a shortage of qualified students and workers in high-tech fields. They adopted the STEM acronym as an easy way to convey an important message – you young people need to start studying your science and math, because we need you to help us build a better future. Do you know the names of the disciplines often associated with STEM curricula?

STEM students must master a range of challenging topics, everything from basic math to calculus, from beginning physics to Einstein-level formulas. These are the folks who wind up working at NASA, or in computer manufacturing labs, or in major engineering firms.

From grade-school biology to convoluted theories regarding the nature of DNA, let’s see if you really understand what’s at stake in this quiz. Take our STEM challenge now!

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Animals that have a backbone fit into which category?
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"mL" is the symbol for what?
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Robert Fulton is known as the person who commercialized which method of transportation?
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On the periodic table of elements, what does "O" stand for?
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Geometry is the study of _____.
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What do you call a mathematician who specializes in the field of geometry?
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Which planet in our solar system is closest to the sun?
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What is a very basic machine that consists of rope and a wheel?
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Which basic force is vital for keeping planets in their orbits?
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What is the fastest land animal on Earth?
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What tool do you use to measure temperature?
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What's the name for a very common biological catalyst?
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Who invented a device called the phonograph?
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Which one of the following weather phenomenon causes the most deaths annually across the United States?
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An object that's moving in a straight line will likely keep moving in a straight line thanks to _______.
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In a destructive symbiotic relationship, a parasite causes much harm to ______.
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Which of the following items did Benjamin Franklin invent?
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What's the name of force that causes resistance when two surfaces slide against one another?
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What sort of creatures would you find in the class named Aves?
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Seismology is the study of _____.
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The Wright brothers are credited with inventing which technology?
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What did Guglielmo Marconi invent?
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What's the number on the bottom of a fraction?
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What's the hottest place on -- or in -- all of Earth?
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What are the rays of the sun that cause human skin to burn?
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What's the term for coplanar lines that never intersect?
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What is the fastest animal in the entire world, including land, sea and air?
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In eukaryotic cells, which organelle stores most of the cell's genetic material?
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