Quiz: Can You Pass This Mexican History Quiz?
Can You Pass This Mexican History Quiz?
By: John Miller
Image: E. B. & E. C. Kellogg, New York and Hartford

About This Quiz

It’s part of the bridge between North and South America, a country that’s seen more than its share of strife and chaos in the past two centuries. It is Mexico, a nation packed with diverse ethnic groups, political factions and sometimes, grim violence of the worst kind. But like its northern neighbor, Mexico has also seen its share of triumphs in the name of liberty. In this sun-baked quiz, what do you really know about the history of Mexico?

Long before the Mexican Constitution came along, there were multiple empires on the lands that would eventually become Mexico. These empires sprawled throughout Mesoamerica, built on the toil of millions of people … and may have been the biggest empires of their day. Do you remember any of the details of these great civilizations?

The modern-day version of Mexico is very young, with its roots in the early 20th century, and it’s the result of a back-and-forth tug of war between colonial powers, natives, and liberal and conservative groups. Indeed, the country is a patchwork of political motives and economic interests. What do you recall about the circumstances that created Mexico’s current form?

From the Mexican War of Independence to the Mexican Revolution, to the horrors of the Drug War, Mexico has a fascinating past -- and a conflicted present. Take this Mexican history quiz now!

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