Quiz: Can You Pass This College Vocabulary Quiz?
Can You Pass This College Vocabulary Quiz?
By: Annette
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About This Quiz

Do you want to improve your vocabulary? Want to see how many tricky words you can remember from college? Curious whether your personal lexicon is impressive, abysmal, or simply just adequate? Then you're in the right place. Class has begun!

English is said to be one of the most complex languages of all. Beyond that, most college graduates or students are expected to know certain words and be able to use them correctly in a sentence. These words can be found in textbook and classrooms alike. So, how many do you think you remember from your intense days of learning? Remember cramming for the verbal section of the SAT? How many of those words can you recall? If you wish you could use words like "cogent" (powerfully persuasive) and "pertinacious" (stubbornly unyielding) correctly, or at least be able to define them, then head over to this quiz!

What are you waiting for? Take this first step to becoming (or seeming like) the smartest person in your circle! Let's see if you know words like "vitriolic" or "aberration" (they're not what you might think!). What about "ostentatious" or "conundrum"? (They mean pretentious and a difficult problem, respectively.) We promise we won't admonish you for not getting a perfect score. Don't abscond now without testing your knowledge first! See what we did there? Alright, now let's find out if you're a master of English vocabulary, or at least holding steady at a college level.

Put on your word whiz hat, and let's get started!

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