Quiz: Can You Pass Your High School Physics Class?
Can You Pass Your High School Physics Class?
By: Heather Cahill
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About This Quiz

Physics is in everything! Whether you're driving a car or throwing a ball, it takes the science to make it all happen. Think about speed, trajectories and energy, it's all going on around us. It's also happening above us deep in our universe and helps the world work. SO, you think you're an expert on the high school physics curriculum?

Do you know who developed one of the most famous physics equations in the world? Do you know about some famous laws that apply to the subject? Can you name some important devices and their uses in the subject? High school covers a lot of the basics, and so does this quiz!

Can you name a few terms and their synonyms that have to do with physics? What do you know about the important formulas and equations that are used in physics? Do you know about things like the center of mass, gravity and force? If you do, you'll have no trouble acing this quiz!

Physicists of all levels, we're talking to you. If you place yourself among the great minds of Einstein, Planck and Newton, what are you waiting for? We predict that you'll get an incredible score on this quiz!

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Who is know for their famous equation, E=mc2?
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How many laws of thermodynamics are there?
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What type of waves can sound travel in?
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What does this formula find? v=d/t
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Is it true or false that light travels faster than sound?
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Where did Galileo famously conduct a velocity experiment?
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Niels Bohr was a big contributor to what type of physics?
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What does mass divided by volume find?
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Is it true or false that Max Planck developed the quantum theory?
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What does force alter on an object?
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If you add torque to something, what does the object start to do?
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Is it true or false that math is essential to physics?
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Which of the following physics-related words can mean resistance?
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Which equation is part of Ohm's Law?
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What is the term used for heat produced by an electric current?
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Is it true or false that astrophysics is the study of physics in space?
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Which of the following is a type of particle?
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Which formula has to do with Hooke's Law?
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In terms of physics, what does polarization affect?
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The phrase, "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction" is one of what?
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Is it true or false that s=d/t is the formula to find the speed of an object?
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What does a particle attract, according to Newton's Law of Gravitation?
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Which of the following can apply to physics?
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What is the name of the object that keeps energy in a magnetic field?
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Is it true or false that the formula for work is measured in newtons?
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What is another word for density?
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Which of the following shapes would geodesic refer to?
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Is it true or false that the equation P=F/A is solved to find the price of something?
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An isotope has a different what?
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