Quiz: Can You Pick the Correct Choice Between These Commonly Mixed-Up Words?
Can You Pick the Correct Choice Between These Commonly Mixed-Up Words?
By: Isadora Teich
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About This Quiz

Think you are an English language expert? The English language has one of the largest vocabularies of any modern spoken language. It is generally believed to be the language with the largest vocabulary, as there are more than a million words in it. However, as spoken languages grow and change constantly, with new words being created and older ones becoming obsolete all the time, it is impossible to know definitively how many words are in the English language. Some world languages function in very different ways, which also makes comparison difficult. 

So, what makes English so big? English is a unique combination of Germanic and Romance languages with some Greek thrown in. It is also a highly plastic language, meaning that it adapts and takes on words foreign to it all the time.  The English language has traveled the whole world, taking on new terms and ideas as it spread. From the past to the present, English has been a mutt of a language, which gives it a vocabulary larger than any of its individual parts.  

If you are an English language expert who can take on its trickiest words, put your word savvy to the test with this quiz! 

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