Quiz: Can You Pick the Right Definition for All of These Words?
Can You Pick the Right Definition for All of These Words?
By: Torrance Grey
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About This Quiz

Did you know that while raw brainpower peaks in the early 20s, vocabulary is one of the things that keeps growing virtually all your life? That's good news for those of us who scored less-than-impressively on the verbal section of our SATs. Of course, this is only true if you work on your verbal skills a bit, keeping your ears open to interesting new words and their meanings. On the other hand, if "LOL" and "OMG" are mainstays of your vocabulary (even when speaking out loud), you might be stagnating. 

That's where our quiz might come in handy. We've rounded up some of English's most useful, elegant and precise words, to shine up your rusty vocabulary. Do you know whether "slovenly" is an adverb or an adjective? Or the difference between "assent" and "dissent"? Or, for that matter, when to use "dissent" and when to settle for plain old "disagreement"? Our quiz will make all these things clear -- but not before it tests your verbal skills. 

So, whether you're never at a loss for words, or you're a little worried about the "word usements you structure" (to borrow a great phrase from Steve Martin in "L.A. Story"), give our quiz a try. We think you'll find it challenging, demanding and rigorous, without being irksome, Sisphyean or vexatious!   

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