Quiz: Can You Properly Use These Idioms?
Can You Properly Use These Idioms?
By: Becky
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About This Quiz

Think you know how to correctly speak English? Prove it by taking this quiz.

Whether you could or couldn't care less is actually an issue, especially if you are trying to communicate with your fellow humans. The problem with the phrase "I couldn't care less" is that many people say it ... well ... incorrectly. Some people say "I could care less," which actually means that you have more caring to do. If you say that you "couldn't care less," then you are clearly done caring. So, although both of these phrases are grammatically correct, it is important to understand when to use them. If you're done caring, say "I couldn't care less," as in "I could not care less" (think "not " if you really have no more cares to give). If you've got a bit more caring left to do, say "I could care less."

If you know the difference between slight and sleight, have and of, intents and intensive, regardless and irregardless, and jibe and jive, you just might be able to ace this How Stuff Works quiz. We say "might," because we are pretty sure that you will get at least one wrong.

Think you're up to the challenge? Let's get started.

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