Can You Recognize the Board from a Photo?

Olivia Cantor

The most famous water board is this one. What do you call it?

This is a typical surfboard. Specifically, it's a shortboard kind.

The most familiar land board is this one. What is it?

This is a typical skateboard. That's also called a shortboard.

Brrrrrr, what do you call this board?

This is a snowboard. It's the All Mountain type.

This is known as...?

Sandboarding is a thing. This is what a sandboard typically looks like.

What do you call this one?

This is another kind of surfboard. It's called the Longboard.

Familiar with this kind of skateboard?

Skateboards also have the Longboard type. It's really like sidewalk surfing!

What do you call this board?

Skimboards also have different types. This is the wave riding type.

What kind of snowboard is this?

The freestyle kind of snowboard is great if you want to do tricks. They're shorter and more flexible.

This happy surfboard kind is known as what?

A funboard is a good kind of surfboard for beginners. It's usually in between a shortboard and a longboard in size.

What do you call this kind of skateboard?

Slalomboard skateboards are for slalom racing. But you can also use it in the city.

This interesting board is known as what?

Kiteboarding is a popular water sport. You have to rely on a kite and a board to execute movements.

What kind of board is this thingamajig?

This is what you use for windsurfing. It's a beginner board type.

It's an aptly named surfboard, known as what?

A surfboard of the fish kind has a different tail design. It looks like a swallow's tail, actually.

This kind of skateboard is popularly known as what?

This is the Penny Board kind of skateboard. It looks like it's made of plastic material, based on its finish.

This is another kind of snowboard. What's it called?

This is the Alpine kind of snowboard. It's good for riding only, no tricks!

What is this contraption?

This is a wakeboard. It's a challenge to do this sport!

There's another type of surfboard. What do you call this?

This surfboard is called the gun type. It's great for really big waves.

Which kind of board do you see here?

This is called the kneeboard. It's the recreational kind.

What type of board is seen here?

This is the surf kind of paddleboard. This is meant for stand-up paddleboarding.

It's not slimy, but what do you call it?

This is a snakeboard. It's another kind of skateboard, originally invented in South Africa.

It's a kind of kneeboard. What do you call it?

The competitive kneeboard type has a different design than the recreational one. Their materials are different in a way.

Which kind of board is this in the photo?

Carveboarding is riding on streets and pavement. It's meant to be some kind of land practice for surfers and snowboarders, so it mixes all those disciplines.

This one is called what?

This is a caster board. Yep, it only has two wheels, so good luck with balancing this one.

What land formation-specific skateboard is this?

If you see a skateboard that has huge wheels, that's called a Mountain Board. Yup, it's meant for riding off-road, like downhill level type of riding.

This is another type of windsurf board. What is it known as?

Formula windsurfing boards have specific specs for racing. Make sure they're regulation, if you want to compete.

What do you call that board worn by that athlete?

Skysurfing takes surfing into the aerial levels. The board is attached to the feet, and is like a cross between a skateboard and a snowboard.

What kind of board is this one?

A T-Board is a kind of skateboard that mimics snowboards on land, with its two wheels. So it's suggested for crossover trainings in between board sports.

What do you call this unique skateboard design?

A Flowboard is a kind of skateboard that has many wheels. Yes, it really flows when ridden!

This location-specific surfboard is known as what?

The Malibu Surfboard indeed pays homage to Malibu Beach surfing. This surfboard is great for the hang five or hang ten moves.

This kind of paddleboard is known as what?

This stand-up paddleboard kind is called the Allround. It has a rounder end than the usual surf kind, and is longer.

What do you call this wet board?

This one's called a bodyboard. It's the Dropknee type.

This is a kind of skimboard. What's it called?

This skimboard is made of wood. It's called Inland.

Which type of surfing board is this?

True-blue surfers who know their surfboard history know that this very, very long wooden model is called the Olo. It's the ancient Hawaiian surfboard meant to be used by royalty.

What do you call this dry board?

If you don't want to stand up on dunes, then try these sand sleds. These could also be maneuvered like a sandboard, but while sitting down.

This is another kind of paddleboard. What's it called?

The Flatwater kind of paddleboard is meant for open ocean type of paddleboarding. It's longer than the usual surf or allround paddleboards.

This non-solo surfboard is called what?

The Tandem Surfboard is basically a longboard that should also have specifications that could enable it to carry two people at a time. So not just any kind of surfboard can be a tandem board.

What is this known as?

This is called a Freeboard. It's a skateboard variety but with six wheels, and is meant to mimic a snowboard, for off-season training and riding.

This is called what?

The Stowboard is basically a folding skateboard. But it looks different than the average skateboard design.

Which kind of surfboard is this?

The ancient kind of surfboard points to the Alaia as the one used more commonly in ancient Hawaii. It's also made of wood, and is shorter than the Olo kind, plus it's a bit wider.

This futuristic-sounding board is known as what?

A hoverboard is a concept skateboard that's ideally meant to hover over surfaces, not touch it. But some entrepreneurs use this term to call some self-balancing motorized scooter models that mimic a Segway, but without the handles.

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