Quiz: Can You Recognize the Board from a Photo?
Can You Recognize the Board from a Photo?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: Shutterstock

About This Quiz

A board is a board is a board ... but by any other sport, would it feel the same? Okay, drop the Shakespeare rehash now, and let's try this gnarly boarding quiz!  Put on your goofy foot and hit start!

It's amazing to learn that there are so many kinds of board sports out there. Of course, we all have our default knowledge of a board sport or two, maybe three or four if we're lucky -- or if we're living in a four-season country or region (yep, that matters, a lot!). And true-blue board sports enthusiasts would definitely be able to identify many types of boards in their chosen board sports. And also, by extension, many of these board sports enthusiasts would, of course, extend their knowledge to other kinds of board sports that are somewhat related to their own chosen sport.

Now why is that? Are these board sports enthusiasts really gung-ho about all kinds of boards? Well, yes, in a way. When they can't practice their first board sport of choice for some reason (mainly the weather), they usually find alternatives. That's why they're very versatile about this specific knowledge.

So, wanna test yours? Hop on board and enjoy this ride!

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