Quiz: Can You Recognize These Brands from the Old-School Logo?
Can You Recognize These Brands from the Old-School Logo?
By: Monica Lee
Image: Youtube via Riswan Hanafyah Harahap

About This Quiz

Why change a logo when it's so well recognized? When reviewing the type font and colors chosen, an old logo can indicate old-fashioned thinking - not progressive or innovative. Your favorite brand manufacturer knows how important impressions can be and will put a lot of money toward their business symbol, the logo. But it's not just the font chosen that is important. There are colors and symbols to consider as well. It's not easy, especially when fashion changes so quickly. For instance, colors that were trending for a minute, let's say avocado, can look outdated now. 

Another hurdle is that viewers' attention-spans top out after about three seconds. That means it's important to use simple, clear graphics and strong colors to get the most brand recognition for the buck. Designers who create these logos also recognize the importance of how big and how small the logo might be on a product. If the company has a long name, the logo can be difficult to use on a button or imprinted on merchandise and still be readable. 

So take a good look at the original logos and appreciate what these brand logos look like today. Take the quiz now - if you're a consumer, you've got this! 

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