Can You Recognize These Popular NFL Logos in Black and White?

By: Teresa McGlothlin

The Dallas Cowboys have been in operation since 1960. During their early years, they shared the Cotton Bowl stadium with a franchise named the Dallas Texans.

Originally called the Staleys, the Chicago Bears were formed in 1921. After a year of being named for their founder, the name was changed to match the city's baseball team - the Chicago Cubs.

In 1959, the New England Patriots were started by the Sullivan brothers. The were the last franchise to be awarded a place in the American Football League.

Although they were formed in 1974, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers didn't have their first game until 1976. Their first coach was the legendary John McKay.

Formed in 1941, the Cincinnati Bengals are a member of the American Football League. They were named as a throwback to their owner's high school alma mater, the Massillon Tigers.

The Jacksonville Jaguars are one of the NFL's newer teams. They were started when the NFL underwent a an expansion in 1995.

Originally the Los Angeles Rams, the St. Louis Rams began playing in St. Louis in 1995. They have since returned to Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Chargers were formed in 1959. However, they relocated to San Diego in 1961, and changed their name to the San Diego Chargers.

From 1953 to 1983, the Colts called Baltimore their home. Now relocated to Indianapolis, they are called the Indianapolis Colts.

The Arizona Cardinals have had many names! They were originally the Chicago Cardinals, then the St. Louis Cardinals, and next, the Phoenix Cardinals. We're glad they finally settled on a name.

In 1960, the Kansas City Chiefs were named the Dallas Texans. By 1963, they had relocated and changed their name to the one we know today.

After the Houston Oilers moved to Tennessee and changed their name to the Titans in 2002, the Houston Texans were founded. Their steer-shaped logo is a nod to the state's favorite animal.

Before 1959, the Arizona Cardinals were the Chicago Cardinals. Then, they were the Phoenix Cardinals. They have had more names than players have pads.

The Los Angeles Rams were founded in 1946. After a move to St. Louis in 1995, the team remained the St. Louis Rams until 1995. They have since moved back to Los Angeles.

In 1944, taxi cab company owner Mickey McBride purchased the Cleveland Browns. They have been playing in Cleveland since 1946.

Until 1996, the Tennessee Titans were known as the Houston Oilers. After the team moved, the Houston Texans franchise was formed.

Formed in 1965, the Atlanta Falcons have never left home. They were purchased for $8.5 million, which, at the time, was one of the highest price tags for a team.

The Detroit Lions were originally called the Portsmouth Spartans. They were formed in 1929, and relocated to Detroit after their first season.

The Denver Broncos have always called the Mile High City their home. They were formed in 1960, and they play as part of the AFC West.

The Washington Redskins began their career as the Boston Braves. After moving to Washington D.C., the highly controversial name began in 1937.

In 1995, the NFL expanded by adding two new teams. Both the Carolina Panthers and the Jacksonville Jaguars were born that year.

The Buffalo Bills were formed in 1960, and hit the field with their first coach, Buster Ramsey. In case you were wondering, they were, in fact, named after Buffalo Bill Cody.

The New Orleans Saints were started in 1966. Their unique name comes from the fact they were formed on All Saints' Day.

After Art Modell announced that he was moving the Cleveland Browns to Baltimore in 1996, fans went wild. Instead of moving the Browns, the Baltimore Ravens were formed instead.

The Philadelphia Eagles tried to win the Super Bowl three separate times, and they finally succeeded in 2018. It was a long time coming, considering they were formed in 1933.

The Green Bay Packers date all the way back to 1919. The owner allotted only $500 for uniforms their first year.

Although the Minnesota Vikings have been to five Super Bowls, they have yet to bring home the bacon. They have been a member of the American Football League since 1969.

Until 1940, the Pittsburgh Steelers were called the Pirates. The Steelers hold the record for most Super Bowl wins, bringing home the championship six times!

After the Los Angeles Chargers relocated, the Oakland Raiders were born. In 1960, they were awarded an official NFL franchise license.

For a $500 investment, the New York Giants were formed in 1925. To separate themselves from the baseball team, they legally refer to themselves as The New York Football Giants.

The Seattle Seahawks were formed in 1976. After a few seasons, they swapped places with the Buccaneers to be a member of the AFC West.

The San Francisco 49ers were formed in 1946. They have won five Super Bowl championships. They were a charter member of the AAFL during their formative years.

The first Phoenix Cardinals' team was called the Chicago Cardinals. After a move to St. Louis, and then to Arizona, the Arizona Cardinals were called the Phoenix Cardinals. Confusing, right?

In 1947, the Baltimore Colts were born. Although they have moved to Indianapolis, they still use their silver and blue logo.

The New York Jets were originally named the Titans of New York. They have been keeping fans on their feet since 1959.

In 1995, the NFL added two more teams through its expansion. The Jacksonville Jaguars were formed the same year as this team - the Tennesee Titans.

As a member of the AFC East, the Miami Dolphins started playing in 1966. The Dolphins haven't made it to the Super Bowl in more than 33 years.

Originally the Oakland Raiders, the Los Angeles Raiders played in L.A. from 1982 to 1994. They then moved back to Oakland where they are today.

The Cleveland Rams called Cleveland their home unit 1946. After that, they spent 21 years in Saint Louis before going back to Los Angeles.

Although the Oakland Raiders have enjoyed their home, they will be moving to Las Vegas in 2020. They officially filed papers for the move in 2017.

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Put down the remote and stop shouting plays at your television. If you're killing time during halftime, you have come to the right place. How many of these NFL logos do you think you can identify in black and white? Let's see how you'll do without the teams' signature colors helping you out. 

While some folks will have no trouble identifying all 40 logos, some questions will be a little tricky. The NFL has a long history of relocating teams. Some teams have relocated to at least three different cities. Some teams have moved and then gone back to their original home again. It can be tricky to keep up with the NFL's fast pace, but we think you'll do better than you think you will. 

The NFL began with only eight franchise teams, and it has now grown to 32. Much to the delight of fans who tune in week after week, the season has grown longer over the years. Some of these logos will fill you with team spirit, and others will make you seethe at the thought of your rival. Do you think you can identify all of them? Break from the huddle, and give it a shot! 

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