Can You Remember What Happens in These Movie Scenes by a Single Image?

By: Kennita Leon

Unknowingly suffering from food poisoning, the bridesmaids and bride-to-be begin spewing vomit and having diarrhea while they are out trying to find the perfect wedding gown.

While out on the job with his trainee, dirty cop Alonzo Harris is left to die at the hands of gang members from the hood.

An innocent gas station clerk is threatened with death by a sociopath and is made to choose between heads or tails to save his life.

Two kids try to wittily escape two velociraptors on the hunt while enclosed in a kitchen.

After being rescued from his captors, a shaken Captain Phillips is reassured of his current safety.

A touching love story, viewers are silently shown the early life of the main character before he became a grumpy, old man.

Two soldiers attempt to talk it out at a pub only to end up starting a shoot-out.

Despite the noise at the bar, a couple has a rapid discussion which leads to their breakup.

On Doomsday, a couple stands together holding hands while watching the world around them crash through their glass window.

While trying to deduce information, a young lady is reminded by her interviewee of how dangerous he actually is.

One of the most iconic scenes, a hero finds out that the villain he has been battling is his father.

When a human boy and alien best friend are threatened by authority, E.T enables the bikes to lift off the ground and fly in the air.

Rocky Balboa finally successfully climbs the steps of the Philadelphia Art Museum after failing on several other attempts.

Keen on ending the first World War in fulfilling her destiny, Wonder Woman shows her real powers as she crosses "No Man's Land" blocking off bombs and bullets with her shield.

Preparing for his next mission, John Wicks goes out shopping for blueprints, suits and, of course, weapons from businesses which cater only to assassins.

Spy Valerian goes shooting through dimensions in the intergalactic marketplace as his guardian angel tries to guide him.

A young Spiderman ends up in battle with his date's father who is also the villain Vulture, on his way to the homecoming.

A spy fights her two attackers all the way down the staircase of an old apartment.

While being carried to bed after dinner, Professor Xavier advises Logan to enjoy the moment as he still has time to.

Patrick Verona, played by Heath Ledger, dances and sings on the school bleachers in an attempt o serenade Kat with the song, "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You."

Quincy puts the fate of his dreaded marriage in the hands of his college sweetheart as they play a game of basketball to determine his decision.

A simple but touching scene, never been kissed Josie encourages her crush to kiss her during a baseball game.

A romantic Landon helps a dying Jaime complete her bucket list before her times runs out.

While fighting for survival in cold-freezing water, lovers Jack and Rose hold onto each other dearly as Rose begs him not to let go.

A wet reunion, Allie, and Noah see each other after several years of being apart and begin making out in the pouring rain.

As Dorothy says goodbye to her friends, she clicks her heels three times while chanting "there's no place like home." She then wakes up in her bed.

The evil queen transforms herself into an old hag and conjures up a poisoned apple from her cauldron which she then presents to Snow White in a fruit basket.

In an extremely cold room, the walls begin to crack as a pastor attempts to exorcise a possessed girl. As he repeatedly makes the sign of the cross, the girl sits up on the bed and starts spinning her head.

In this popular and romantic scene, Rose climbs unto the bow of the ship and spreads her arms while Jack holds tightly onto her.

Out of curiosity, Noah decides to watch the tape "The Ring." To his horror, a ghastly looking Samara climbs out of a well on screen and into his apartment.

Infuriated by insults, Leonidas kicks a Persian messenger down a well while shouting "This is Sparta!"

In a haste to shut up a talkative Pippin, the ring slides on a falling Frodo's finger and makes him vanish into a shadowy world.

Fogell's friends verbally bash his choice of name when he shows them his fake ID with the name "McLovin."

Inside of Tony Stark's luxurious tower, an extremely angry Hulk repeatedly smashes Loki and then throws him aside calling him a "Puny God."

In a very obscene scene, two agents exchange threats over the phone with a group of kidnappers.

Hangover best friends walk into Mike Tyson's house as he sings along to his favorite Phil Collins song. While he sings, he proceeds to knock out one of the friends.

Created for the gag reel, Edwards pulls a prank and snaps the jewelry box shut just as Vivian reaches for the necklace inside, throwing her into a fit of laughter.

A tall nerdy boy stands mid-stage before a packed theatre and begins throwing his best moves.

Markie Trattman is held up and taken to an empty parking lot where he is brutally beaten in the rain by two gangsters.

Spinning a web of lies in an attempt to impress his in-laws, Ben Stiller makes up a story of milking cats.

Cornering a frightened news anchor, Eddie reveals his true form, claws emerging first.

An unwilling Allen sneezes on an ounce of cocaine when he tries to smell it.

As Kathy closes her daughter's bedroom window, she sees the glowing red eyes of "imaginary friend," Jodie, staring at her.

A group of guys take their friend to get a chest wax. After realizing how painful it was, he leaves before completing it.

In order to save the town and end Einon's reign, Bowen slays his beloved dragon friend, Draco.

A young girl is trapped in a bathroom as her attacker axes the door to get in. He pops his face through the hole he has made and says "here's Johnny."

To prove a point to her date, Meg fakes an orgasm while having lunch at a restaurant.

In an attempt to catch their friend Mac who they believe is the Thing, Norris collapses and out of his chest sprouts a mouth which bites Dr. Copper.

When Elliot stops pedaling and suggests that they walk, his alien friend E.T uses his powers to propel the bike forward before lunging into the air.

Before the battle of the newscasters, groups of anchormen gather, weapons ready, to determine which news channel is the best. One steps forward and declares the only rule, which is "no touching of the hair and face."

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About This Quiz

Those of us who watch lots of movies can tell what movie is about to play way before the first scene even comes on. How? Because of the music. Those of us who aren't that good can probably tell the name of the movie when we see the first scene or character. But that's not the goal of this quiz. We're trying to find the best of the best when it comes to movie buffs. If you think that person is you, let's see if you can guess what will happen in each movie scene by just a single photo. Do you think you can handle it?

Movies are there for entertainment and oftentimes, we, as humans, only watch the movie genres we like. If that person is you then you probably won't get half of our questions right. You see, this particular quiz is for those people whose tastes transcend movie genres- they watch any and every movie, whether it be horror or romance, newly released or black and white. 

So if you can tell us what happened after Ron and Harry entered Mr. Weasley's Ford Anglia or what took place when the bride and her bridesmaids went dress shopping after eating at a dodgy restaurant, this quiz is for you! 

If you really think you've got what it takes to try this movie scene quiz, give it a go! Only the top dogs can ace this one!

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