Quiz: Can You Score 29/35 on the Toughest World Geography Quiz of All Time?
Can You Score 29/35 on the Toughest World Geography Quiz of All Time?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: shutterstock

About This Quiz

Geography is one of those subjects that suffers in the popular imagination because it is badly taught. Some of this is that most elementary school geography teachers aren't actually subject matter experts - but a bigger part is that early on, geography (like math and science) is treated like a series of unconnected chunks of information that don't really relate to your real life. That's a very good way to switch off a student.

The truth, of course, is that geography is fascinating. It's all about how our world works, from the physical pieces of it and how they slot together to the ways that these inform the development of human society and then are in turn informed by that development in the form of our cities, carbon emissions, farming and other effects. It's incredibly important in understanding our world. To take a single example of how geography can save lives: Tilly Smith was a 10-year-old British girl on Maikhao Beach, Thailand, when the Boxing Day tsunami struck in 2004. The triggering earthquake was a long way off and nobody really felt it on the beach, but Tilly recognized the signs of an impending tsunami as the water bubbled and then sucked out to sea. She demanded that her parents warn everyone, and grew so insistent that they eventually helped hotel staff to clear the beach. Tourists and locals reached high ground and the safety of the concrete hotel just minutes before the tsunami struck. Neighboring beaches were turned into graveyards, but nobody died on Maikhao Beach. Tilly saved over 100 people. Her source? An elementary school geography lesson taught by teacher Andrew Kearney.

Knowing your geography doesn't just make you more interesting and more educated; it can save your life and others.

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